Too fast?

Sure, I agree that on the scale of ‘small annoyance’ to ‘Balos Tritapo’ this project discovery problem is only a pretty small annoyance.


WOW complaining about an annoyance on a forum thats ment to talk about the Game is ‘not adult’?
You ARE slower than other people - thats for shure :smiley:

Grow up and stop complaining that others speak up if they don’t like things as they are or go back to the wildernis and live as hunter-gatherer instead of trolling people on the internet if thats you’r attitude.

There is litterally no reason to keep this fix in a poor state where a portion of people who want to contribute no longer enjoy it so what exactly is your argument for not adding one line to the code wich would fix it?
IF ‘accuracy’ < 95
->Cut & paste crappy fix here


I am sorry to inform you that your logic is beyond repair, as shown by your attempt to spoil-shame someone who wants to be allowed to work harder.

He’s on the forums to complain about people who complain about stuff, because in his view everybody who complains about something is a spoiled brat. It’s likely a projection.


Play the game as it is intend to be played and stop calling your CCP mommy to repair what does not need to be repaired…

Are you dumb or just really dumb?

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Well it’s you who don’t understand that not all your wishes can come true like a child in a grocery store that cannot understand why mommy is not buying its favourite sweet that it wants SOOOO much,because not all are seeing your “problems” as real…

And so those “problems” will not be “solved”…

So no…the dump part is on your side…

Ever heard of a thing called ‘feedback’ that developers often like to hear to make wishes of customers come true?

Hahaha! You are kind of a server juggernaut!

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Okay, you made yourself useless guy of the month. There is no value to what you say for this discussion. It’s numb and doesn’t even remotely fit anything anyone said here. It’s just a petty and boring attempt at being edgy. You’re not.

I immediately disrespect you for this mixture of being really stupid, really unfriendly and really off topic.

Go be

somewhere else.

@mods please investigate for abusing the report function.

You think only opinions that suit yours are valid?

Only they “fit” the discussion?

Well this is a forum and not your personal playground where your are wrapped in cotton wool my little snowflake…
Mommy will not buy you the sweet…

This is eve,not hello kitty online…

Get used to it or leave…

There is nothing wrong with project discovery if you play it in the pace it gives,so no need for a “correction” just because you want that candy…

You have no point other than trying to talk all hard. “Snowflake” and such. Lol. This is 2018, you dummy.

Also, I think you really have some mother issue, because you mention it so often.

Tell us, what went wrong in your life that you randomly enter threads to say exactly nothing on topic and trying to accuse other people of some made-up bs? Lie down on that couch and feel free to tell us everything. Poor little thing, you.

Lol petty attempt at censorship. Not only are you trolling, but also a coward. Hahaha, a petty little coward.

You mean your abuse?

I only give your medicine back…

To remind you. The people in this thread were discussing the “too fast” thing that happens in Project Discovery. It happens when people get really good at recognizing the patterns of an orbit.

You enter this thread with random rants about mothers and other idiotic pretense. Nothing but insults and stupidity, without ever relating to the actual topic.

Of course most people on these forums are very nice, civil and thoughful. Many will ignore idiots like you. I don’t, because I find it better to attract mod attention to you (and to me, if that is ncessary). You’re entering this thread as a troll and trying to create meaningless contradiction.

Someone has to tell you how low you are and how numb. Maybe you can learn something from it. You’re welcome.

What you call “random rants” is just the voice of reason.

Maybe in your wolrd complaining about an inconvinience is “normal” but in any other people just sigh and carry on…strange concept i know…

You and the ones with you are the kind of guy that honks the second a traffic light goes green or parks on 2 spots at a parking side…simply stop this annoying behaviour…

You, the voice of reason?

Any reasonable person would have seen the benefit of players giving feedback on a forum of the developer that created inconvenience.

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Complaining like a 5 year old child is no feedback,it’s just annoying…

Indeed, so why do you keep doing it?

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Because i’m right and you not?

That does not answer my question.

because the question was flawed… :slight_smile: