Project Discovery Level 500

Level 500 at 99% accuracy.


500 lvl, your perseverance can be envied :smiley:


I’ve achieved lvl 150x2 and i was proud of myself, but you… Take all of my appreciation!


Nice! I’m getting up there - Seeing as we only have ranks up to 250 right now, and the 11th out of 20 rank badges from the old PD being used, I fully expect them to add reward tiers up to 1000 eventually (the last rank-up that gave you a medal in old PD)

Also, the Marshal will definitely be added at 300, and its Exo SKIN at 350, if the pattern we have so far is anything to go by - so I think we’re good :wink:


How is this even possible
im not even at lvl 50 and im already bored to death doing it, and ive spent hours doing it…
maybe i just need to giT guD?

Thank you all!

I’m going to try and make my way to 1000.