ISD NEEDS YOUR HELP! Stories of outposts and conquest


Greetings, wonderful capsuleers of New Eden! I bring you a request from the New Eden Correspondants, the writing and lore-attending branch of the ISD volunteers!

Soon, all the outposts in the game will be retired, as the ongoing Citadel rollover proceeds. While we are as happy as you to see the new gameplay (and easier lives) brought forward by the Citadels, this means that all the “conquerable stations” structures in nullsec space are going to be retired as well, and substituted by new and shiny Citadels. However, we couldn’t possibly mark the end of those special 68 stations without a proper goodbye.

Therefore, we now need you, our brave players, to help us tell the stories of those conquerable stations. We are trying to reconstruct the important events surrounding them.

Tell us of the great battles fought around them, of the times when conquering one of them proved a turning point in a war, or doomed a long established alliance to relocate elsewhere.

Tell us all you can about them and their systems, their owners in history, and their part in your capsuleer glory. With your help, we will see that those great moments are never forgotten.


Here is a list of all the conquerable stations. If you recognize one of these, tell us about it!

System Region
D4R-H7 Branch
BKG-Q2 Branch
K-8SQS Branch
P7-45V Cache
M53-1V Cache
995-3G Cache
FAT-6P Catch
5-N2EY Catch
V2-VC2 Catch
XZH-4X Cloud Ring
G8AD-C Cloud Ring
9-4RP2 Cloud Ring
CZDJ-1 Deklein
3JN9-Q Deklein
VFK-IV Deklein
MO-GZ5 Delve
5-6QW7 Delve
NOL-M9 Delve
0-G8NO Detorid
0-W778 Detorid
DG-8VJ Detorid
BZ-0GW Esoteria
111-F1 Esoteria
C9N-CC Esoteria
I-UUI5 Fade
C4C-Z4 Fade
L-C3O7 Fade
2-RSC7 Feythabolis
UB5Z-3 Feythabolis
VNGJ-U Feythabolis
Z-H2MA Immensea
E8-YS9 Immensea
2O-EEW Immensea
Z-N9IP Impass
FR-B1H Impass
68FT-6 Impass
N7-BIY Insmother
F2A-GX Insmother
C-J6MT Insmother
Z-7OK1 Omist
D2EZ-X Omist
6T3I-L Omist
MP5-KR Paragon Soul
GQ2S-8 Paragon Soul
H8-ZTO Paragon Soul
G-Q5JU Period Basis
TPAR-G Period Basis
H74-B0 Querious
3BK-O7 Querious
9CG6-H Querious
28Y9-P Scalding Pass
JLO-Z3 Scalding Pass
1V-LI2 Scalding Pass
V7-MID Tenal
6OYQ-Z Tenal
S-EVIQ Tenal
JV1V-O Tenerifis
NZW-ZO Tenerifis
DZ6-I5 Tenerifis
IMK-K1 Tribute
D7-ZAC Tribute
H-W9TY Tribute
JZV-F4 Vale of the Silent
LS-JEP Vale of the Silent
ZLZ-1Z Vale of the Silent
4-EFLU Wicked Creek
F-EM4Q Wicked Creek
Q-GQHN Wicked Creek

NOL-M9 Delve

TEST used to live here back in 2013 when Beffah was pregnant, also I remember pizza Ragnarok’s DD’ing foolish test caps on the undock


The biggest difficulty I see with this is that once players could drop outposts, these 68 became less and less critical to any campaign. The big fights happened over systems of strategic value for terrain, like HED-GP and J5A, or by mistake, rather than over ‘hey, we didn’t have to drop the station, it was already here’.

Still, it’d be interesting to read what comes of it.

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I would have delivered some torpedos to exhaust ports of these outposts, if only my rogue drone scouts would stop flirting with drifters, trying to compile another alpha version of supreme AI. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Do we yet have a lore reason for the destruction of the old stations and if so what is it? Will a story of their decommissioning ever be made? We have do have the store of their discovery after all.


I willl always remember D7-ZAC since it is the place where I attended a large battle over a station/system for the first time, and saw a Dreadnought in action also for the first time.

At the end of July 2006 I joined Rage of Angels who was member of Morsus Mihi. I moved in with some of my stuff at the station in H-W9TY, and a day or two later we got orders to fleet up and go help some friends in Cloud Ring IIRC. The next day we was ordered back ASAP since the Tau Ceti Federation had attacked the station in D7-ZAC, and managed to take the station after downtime next day.

Morsus Mihi and friends got it back after some fierce fighting, and despite the sneaky way the Tau Ceti Federation took the station, we learned to respect them as very able and honourable opponents.

D7-ZAC have seen a lot of way lager battles since, but I cherish the memories from late July and August in 2006. It was my real baptism in large battles, back when a fleet of 100 battleships and 10 Dreads was huge. Epic at the time :slight_smile:


I’m so glad there’s no story in high sec and low sec.
Discrimination confirmed.

I find it comical that there’s a lack of stories of conquest. This is pathetic. Maybe ISD should ask James 315 how he did it and lend an ear to his story of domination over highsec.

Ha ha, not one in providence, we are safe with enough supplies we will be able to weather this winter.

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I seem to recall an outpost that went by the name of “Inflatable House” in Providence. Was a really long time ago, though. I can barely remember it.

James 315 is an abomination.

How dare you…

Sat in blob in front of citadel, shot at with guns, peeled away the layers. It went BOOM. The end. There you go OP

I know a story how about play the game? There is your story the end.

When The 99 Percent and TASHA merged into Tribal Band and took over Period Basis after Delve War 2012, we made the Conquerable Station in TPAR-G our capital because at the time HIX4 had no outpost. The only other clone bay in the region was located in G-Q5JU, which was far too remote to be an effective demonstration HQ system.

Our friendly neighborhood Stainwagon russians made our lives absolutely miserable until we managed to get the Gallente admin outpost down in HIX4 and abandoned TPAR.

There is no outposts from systems IS-OBW or IRD- or B2-VXB. Why?

Go plant an egg, sucka fish. Then come back and tell a story.

6VDT-H is missing it deserves to be on the list imho cuz the story is prety much this …