Dev blog: Faction Citadels - The Details!


(CCP Falcon) #1

Check out this latest dev blog for more information on the outpost migration that will occur on June 5th as Faction Citadels are introduced to EVE Online in order to replace existing player built and operated outposts.

Fraktions Zitadellen - Die Details!
(CCP Falcon) #2

Hey everyone. Here’s the complete list of the new special edition rigs alongside the specific set of upgrades that will determine which Fortizars get which rigs, and the list of bonuses provided by each rig.

These rigs will only ever be available through the outpost and conquerable station conversion and will be lost forever if all these structures are unanchored or destroyed (although the built-in bonuses and advantages of the faction Fortizars will be preserved when unanchored and redeployed).

If you install another L-set Standup rig on the same structure as one of these special edition rig and two of the bonuses would overlap the special edition rig bonuses will take precedence and overwrite those specific bonuses on the other rig. This means the special edition rig bonuses will never stack with bonuses from other rigs.
The bonuses from the special edition rigs do not scale with security status of their system (since they only ever exist in nullsec).

(erg cz) #3

Nice! So no free rokie ship for quick cyno in null confirmed… Time to get your own stock, I guess.

(Weaselior) #4

When will we get information on the rigs?

(CCP Fozzie) #5

We’ll be posting the rig details soon including a big spreadsheet with the list of rigs and their bonuses. There will be 104 new special edition rigs to cover all the upgrade combinations that exist in New Eden.

(Gary Bell) #6

And suddely a whirlwind of things trapped in null came to market! Lets the silly ness commence!

(Lord Haur) #7

Any details on the monuments for the ConqStations and select outposts? It’d be really nice if they used run-down/abandoned versions of their original counterpart models, Art time allowing.

(Solstice Projekt) #8

It says that more information about the Access Lists can be found “here”.

If by “here” you meant the devblog, then I have overlooked it, unless the information is right below and I just fail to understand the connection due to having no idea what it even is.

If “here” was meant to be a link … well … it is not. : - )

(Rthulhu Voynich) #9

"As the Conquerable Stations and Outposts have been such an important part of New Eden’s history, permanent historic monuments will be erected on the sites of the Conquerable Stations and a select few of the especially storied Outposts. "

A complete list of systems of these storied Outposts please.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #10

@CCP_Falcon’s long essay on this subject in another thread might be a good link to add in the “reserved for faq” post.

(Zachri) #11

Oh boy, I suppose Cyvok’s coming back to bring ASCN back to life :slight_smile:

(Haruka san) #12

Will there be any changes to the existing eggs (unachored outposts), blueprints, and copies at this time? If so, can you please provide some details?

(Plato Draco) #13

quick, make jita 4-4 into a destroyable structure! But in all seriousness, I am not sure I agree with the ‘we can’t build these things’ structures. That means that new alliances or old smaller alliances may never get the chance to use them. But I’m no one special and I probably am thinking this wrong. We’ve seen with much larger battles being a stalemate is a large mass of people in a system early causing this level of lag gonna make the structure timers dumb again? I just don’t see a need for this specific change, or just leave outposts and switch over conquerable stations or the reverse?

(The Dunning Kruger) #14

He won’t. He’s busy playing Starborne with me.

(erg cz) #15

Asset safety. Bilions trapped in null will hit the market in 2 months… And Providence plundered to the ground will ensure your small alliances will be able to buy it.

(CCP Fozzie) #16

Good catch :slight_smile: That text is supposed to link to
I’ll poke someone to get it corrected

(CCP Fozzie) #17

The outpost eggs, improvement and upgrade platforms, and associated blueprints were all removed from the game and reimbursed almost a year ago in the May 2017 patch.

(CCP Fozzie) #18

It does mean that some groups might not be able to use these specific faction structures, but the basic gameplay of using them is the same as the gameplay for the standard structures that are available to everyone. We want to make sure that a wide variety of players feel they have access to structures but it’s also fun to have some specific status symbols that players can compete over.

(CCP Falcon) #19

Will fix this gor you guys now haha :wink:

(Darc Balrogg) #20

CCP this is as big a mistake as with giving out T2 original blueprints. What are you thinking?
This game does not need insanely expensive structures that no one can own but the ‘select few’!
If you do continue with this crazy idea at least make these have a very rare drop blueprint copy from the faction shipyards so then everyone has a chance of getting one. Don’t be so stupid as to keep making the same mistakes as you have done in the past or people will just get fed up with all this b’sh*t and leave eve because of it.
Are you really trying to make people leave with these insane decisions?