Outpost Phase Out Release - Known Issues


(CCP Falcon) #1

The outpost conversion to faction citadels is now complete!

Please use this thread for known issues.

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You can find more details about the changes that were made during this release in this dev blog.

Outpost Phase Out Release - General Feedback
(CCP Falcon) #2

Known Issues:

  • A small subset of outpost monuments are missing their descriptions.
  • The ‘Marginis’ Fortizar’s fuel bonus is too low
  • Item Exchange Contracts in converted structures cannot be accepted and can break the contract search (Search issue can be resolved by toggling “Exclude Unreachable” off)

(Kenneth Feld) #3

Can’t seem to put fighters in tubes because

“Can’t operate fighter tubes until this structure is fully armed and operational”

(CCP Lebowski) #4

Answered on twitter, but might as well confirm here for others: This is intentional

(Kenneth Feld) #5

I guess this never came up in testing because they weren’t invuln…or I just may not have tested while they were invuln…

(Dyver Phycad) #6

Is it intentional that small railguns have a signature resolution of 40 kilometers? In fact, any sub-capital gun.

(Sobaan Tali) #7

Where have you been, bro?

Been like a year or two ago, but CCP altered the way tracking speed is shown by unifying the signature resolutions of all guns, then displaying the updated tracking value as “Weapon Accuracy Score” rather than in rad/s like it used to be. It’s why small guns can now get tracking values into the hundreds and mediums into the tens. I think drones still use the old system, but basically the way tracking works is completely identical mechanically before and after, it’s just shown as a different metric now.

(Victoria RavenSeer) #8

As of this release, the ‘show only available’ market filter does not work, or works sporadically in Nullsec. This has been tested in Cobalt Edge, Tribute and Vale so far. Multiple people (25 so far) have complained locally about the issue.

(Judge Chuck) #9

Confirmed. having same issue in multiple nullsec regions.

(ronny coops) #10

as of this morning support says “This is not an issue that we are currently aware of”

(Victoria RavenSeer) #11

@CCP_Falcon Was this intentional?

(ronny coops) #12

The lack of any kind of answer or even acknowledgement of the problem kind of shows they probably not to botherd

(Rachel Syne) #13

I just gave you a praise for the job well done with the industry in abyss in last patch.Now when i try to log on my station trading alt its banned for macroing?From what I understand someone at ccp hq screwed up big time with this as the people affected without any solid proof or reason are many.If my station alt was macroing why hasn’t any of my other accounts not being banned?People who were flying around manually yesterday also got banned.This is clearly a flaw in your detection software that happened on 12-06-2018.

(James Amril-Kesh) #14

I’m sure they will…

(Victoria RavenSeer) #15

I recommend you write a support ticket regarding this as well, if you haven’t done so already.

(CCP Falcon) #16

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