Outpost Phase Out Release - General Feedback

The outpost conversion to faction citadels is now complete!

Please use this thread for general feedback.

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You can find more details about the changes that were made during this release in this dev blog.

Well, so far no emergency downtime so it looks like it works well.

Was the drop rate of Crystalline Isogen-10 increased? @CCP_Rise

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Здравствуйте, хотел бы предложить идею по поводу новых Данжей
Я считаю что дроп в новых Данжах нужно уменьшить, чтоб ключи сканились в основном с даток, появилось бы много сканерщиков и охотников на них, появился бы смысл сканить датки и игра бы стала чуточку активнее и интереснее, цены на ключи немного выросли, что хорошо бы отразилось на экономике игры. А что происходит сейчас, за 1 данж падает по 3 ключа, дата центры никому не нужны, т.к с них мало прибыли и выгодней сканить реликты, мало сканирщиков и охотников на них, отсюда упадок активности в игре…

What he said.


It doesn’t seem to be possible yet to base corp members in citadels. Is this being looked into?

From the patch notes: “All Abyssal Pockets have had a loot balance pass”

They don’t usually tell us anything, they let players decide what things are worth in the market.

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I’m trying to figure out how asset safety is working. Have assets in enemy foritzar. That fortizar has been converted to faction. I see no message in asset safety tab to move items. I highlite assets, right click and no option for moving items. So how does asset safety work now that conversion is complete?


Do you change the drop chance of the same level filament ? It looks like the drop rate is decreased, but for that, higher filaments are dropping. Which is a little bit useless, if you want to farm these sites. They, depending on the ship are easy-med to fly, and several spawns gives you an extra kick of adrenalin. But hey. Thats ok. That should be.

I am a little bit wondering, why the Caldari Navy Vespa has over 6k hp, which seems to be not the correct value (on a Gila).

Vedmarks are my main targets. They are really competetive.

Love Abyss.


“Bioadaptive Cache will be empty less often (this can still happen occasionally)”

Don’t suppose you could nudge someone and ask if they tweaked the dial in the correct direction? Because if anything this is happened more often than before.

Two empty cans from three tier 4 sites in a row feels bad man.

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You need to right click the structure in the Asset Window and there is an option there to send all the items to Asset Safety.

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Any plans on changing the appearances of the new Fortizars? IMHO scrap the old outpost looks completely and reuse the current Fortizar look just with some obvious twist.

Wow, that was easy. Thanks.

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Well, regarding drop from Bioadaptive Cache, from 3 t3 gamma sites, i had 5 empty caches… bad luck :frowning:


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