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Hello everyone,

We are excited to release the Uprising expansion to EVE Online. Here you will find links to helpful information to regarding Uprising in various forms to view changes added in patch 20.10.

Please use this thread for general feedback.

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50fps out of an RTX 3070 in the new hanger with a single client running, with temps spiking and cooling ramping up.

Is this expected?

New “Docking” message is… interesting. And slow. After the undocking sequence is VERY slow…

Does the fact that the security status has been added to the “Personal Assets” window in the original (non-PhotonUI) interface mean that it will be staying?


how do I disable the docking/undocking animation?

Can we get the [disable station interiors] option back until this gets sorted out? Is it still there somewhere and I just can’t find it?

[Update]: Yeah, as some folks down below mentioned, the docking/undocking animation in upwell structures isn’t respecting the [Dynamic Camera Movement] [Off] option. Please Fix.



I saw your GM come in and Light those cynos you cheeky bastards, Now let us shoot those NPC titans/Dreads GRRRRR or give us back Covyrn!

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Without having seen much of the update so far, an incipient question pops up right away:
Can we turn off the docking animation and the docking notification (incl. sounds)?


This docking chirp is really not great. I don’t mind the countdown humming, but the chirping feels like screeching on a blackboard. Definitely not a fan.

The camera movement around your ship is also extremely restrictive (at least on my Ark, no more ship spinning for some more ships than before) and the camera moves like through molasses and takes ages to settle down again when I move it a bit on the Ark.

And why are ships moving into their slots every time I switch to them? That’s cool after I docked but not when I just change ships.

When I switch from the Ark to the Rook, the window goes black. When I switch from the Rook to a shuttle, the camera moves to the new ship. What’s with this inconsistency all over the place?


So am I reading this correctly in the patch notes - players that play in nullsec/whs need to basically put a character out of comission so that once per day they can work towards getting a corp/alliance emblem?


OK, I think V-Sync was turned on for this update - and after turning it off and seeing some horrendous glitching just loading the client in the hanger, I suspect I know why now.

This is a MASSIVE backward step. Yes, it looks pretty. But it’s completely without function and it’s causing glitches (I’ve got a Ryzen 7 3700x system with 32GB of RAM and an RTX3070, and it’s lagging TERRIBLY since this patch.

Please either remote the new hanger and docking/undocking animations completely, or at least allow us to disable them.


Glad to see I am not the only one. Granted, I am on a GTX 980 (Overclocked). Gone from a solid locked 60 FPS (peasant display), to now a stutter jittery mess from anywhere between 28 to 60.

Messing with Ambient Occlusion seems to have the biggest effect for me, but still even with it all disabled it still isn’t where it used to be.


Please remove docking notification, pls, thx


Can we disable that giant on screen “Docking” notification? Aura already kindly informs us that our docking request has been accepted.


In the Release News in the QoL section it says:

“If a capsuleer you have recruited did not create an account through a recruitment link, you can now recruit such accounts retroactively.”

Does this mean that I can get 1 mil SP via referral link on my existing account, if I haven’t created the new account via referral link before?

I have tried using a referral link and log in with my existing account, I got into the page where I can download the client, but I haven’t received anything…

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I see we also ignored the feedback about the new “Personalisation” tab for the ship fitting window, where the new interface now consumes about four times the space that it used to…


remove this docking bullsh1t. are you bored at ccp?


@CCP_Paragon In the patch notes, it mentioned that the propaganda structures would be player built, yet there is no BP’s for them anywhere. In the description, it says they can be purchased from the LP store for… 100LP and a decoder/encoder. Are there any plans for having them be player built in the near future or no? Or was the patch notes referring to some other structure I’m unaware of?

Docking looks pretty but the giant DOCKING text is ludicrously large and very VERY LOUD

Make it smaller and quieter


Thank you for removing Fw from our Space, We love content being removed.

why is everything dark ?? and why does my Enforcer suddely have some pink/blue gasleak ???

Docking pop-up animation and sound is extremely annoying and I have no idea if we are able to turn it off. If not, it’s very sad. Because it DOES take an extra time to finish playing so we have to “enjoy” it every single time we dock :frowning:
Shall we expect similar fluff added to UN-docking next?

The coloured security status of systems in Alt-T Personal Assets looks quite cool.


Well…I appear to be in a minority of one at the moment but I like it. Turning occlusion to medium and anti-aliasing off fixed any issues I had with my RTX 2070 and I can run multiple accounts just as well as before. In fact tbh it’s a lot less glitchy for me when I undock for the first time after starting a new session.

There are a few glitches with changing ships in the new docking bay but that seems like it’ll be an easy fix.