Dev blog: Faction Citadels - The Details!


(Arra Lith) #21

‘Prometheus’ Service Fortizar
2% bonus to refining yield for all variants of Ore and Ice

Is this mean current bonus of minmatar outposts of 2% reprocessing to EVERYTHING, including scrapmetal processing is going to be removed?

Providence plundered to the ground will ensure your small alliances will be able to buy it.

Providence - always poorest region, but with unique approach to players new to null space is destroyed by CCP in 1 patch.
1 patch that is estroying 10 years of EVE history is really sad. :frowning:

(mkint) #22

Or maybe it just feels like CCP is giving away free stuff to their best buds. Again. And that maybe EVE isn’t worth playing because the devs cheat and then treat it as though it’s a feature.

(Zachri) #23

He shouldn’t have left. But there’s no blame. Just understanding.

Good to see Prom getting his pixels :slight_smile:

(Weaselior) #24

Why is it that the best and rarest faction fortizars, the conquerable ones, are the only ones without their own model? couldn’t you just reuse one of the two conq station model in the same way that the outposts were reused? seems kinda lame that the best ones are not actually all that cool.

(sylveon is kawaii) #25

not to be that guy but there’s at least 1 typo where it says strutcures instead of structures in the first paragragh

(Circumstantial Evidence) #26

They will be more common than AT ships, which I think number 50, at most. The Conquerables (68) most approaches AT rarity… its Fortizar model looks like it gets a color-shifted unique skin… light blue areas on the regular Fort are sand/tan on the “Moreau”.

If not for everything simultaneous released on June 5, lore-masters could have said that these are all prototypes, and that Upwell refined the design later for mass production, cutting costs and features. (Feel free to try to retcon that CCP, its been done in other media, lol.)

If sov-null does not permit more free market access, which will be entirely their choice - their markets will grow even more barren over time. Outsider’s prices can be extortionist, but sometimes it’s the difference between having a cyno mod in some random outlying station now, versus the hassle of going to get one.

(Solstice Projekt) #27

Envious people leaving is no loss. This is not even comparable to T20, because the people who get these faction citadels actually did something for it. They worked hard to get to the point where they are now. Of course you ignore this part … and I do not need to wonder why.

So many special snowflakes in here. Hating on people who deserve something is really low. You all are such losers, it is not even funny.

(Desert Ice78) #28

Stating the obvious but, aside from the loss of the special rig, there is nothing to stop some superpower from marauding around new Eden and conquering these unique stations, repackaging them and then moving them all over time to their home regions?

The historical context of these stations is really no so much the station but the system in which it has always resided and I hope this will not be something we all regret in the future.

(Zachri) #29

Why do you think campaign planning and execution began weeks ahead of the announcement :joy:

(Nevyn Auscent) #30

This is why the monuments are going in. So even if the fortizars move a landmark remains.

As for the campaign. Faction citadels were announced over a year ago now. The exact time wasnt announced but it’s been clear for a long time what would happen and that providence would burn for it. I’m sure any decent Provi alliance knew it was coming and made plans. And last I heard the war wasn’t over yet also.

(Jake Chely) #31

It would actually be nice to have an answer to that question.

Also, unless I didn’t read the dev blog correctly, Amarr outpost conversion doesn’t seem to get any bonus to Material efficiency.
The actual outpost, if correctly upgraded, can have a bonus of 4% material efficiency to any manufacturing job.
However, some categories, like Commodities, can’t get any more bonus than the flat 2% from engineering complexes, at least not from actual rigs.

Does it mean that the 4 % bonus will disappear during the transition ?
Is there any plan to add rigs giving ME bonuses so the remaining categories ?
Remainder : capital ship parts fall under the commodity category.

(CCP Falcon) #32

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