ISDversary scavenger hunt

Festive Citizens of New Eden!

This week I am celebrating my 15 year ISDversary. To do this, I have organized a scavenger hunt.

We will be kicking off this scavenger hunt during a stream I will be doing tomorrow (Aug 24th) at 18:00 NEST on Twitch . During this stream you will also be able to ask me some questions regarding the ISD program, which (NDA-permitting) I will try to answer.

This scavenger hunt consists of 15 hand-picked locations. Each location holds some special significance to me in my journeys in New Eden, or to the people I have met along the way.

Since most of you don’t have the pleasure of living inside my head (I’m telling you, it’s a blast!), you’ll have to make do with some cryptic descriptions and/or pictures of the locations at hand. Each of these locations will contain a special container, requiring a password, and inside these containers will be some goodies. Of course, if you find it empty, you are probably not the first one to find it.

As mentioned, there are multiple locations, and once a location has been found the next one will be prepared and announced. I also want to make sure that all time zones have a shot at finding the cans.

Each clue will be announced either in this thread, or on twitter. Please be sure to check the hashtags #ISDversary, #EVEOnline and #TweetFleet. Note that the passwords for the container might be announced at a slightly different time than the clue, and even by a different person.

Other notes:

  • Each location (unless explicitly noted) is within 1000km from a warpable location. The container shows up on D-Scan, and is not a standard container, so it should be easy to spot.
  • Some locations are in lowsec or nullsec space. I will not take any responsibility for you losing your ship. I’m not holding you at gunpoint, so the choice chase the reward is yours and yours alone. Having said that, if you do lose your ship in a hilarious way, I would very much like to hear about it.
  • The list of people who know the location is kept very small on purpose. There is no need to pester ISD volunteers or CCPers where the location is, as they most likely don’t know.
  • A lot of clues require at least a modicum of lore knowledge… Feel free to discuss and help each other. If you are new to lore, the “Lore Help” in-game channel might have some useful pointers on where to get started.


It would be remiss of me to not thank my fellow ISD volunteers for being such a great bunch of people to work with over these past years. Additionally I would like to thank all the CCPers who are, or have been involved with the ISD program. Without you I wouldn’t have enjoyed being a volunteer for this long.

I would also like to add a special note to thank Lead GM Arcade, CCP Convict and CCP DelegateZero with helping with the preparations for these shenanigans.



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Good innings! :cricket_bat_and_ball:


This location has been found!

The first non-stream clue!

This abandoned Fort has been mostly stripped clean, and it seems the Republic does not have much interest in returning it back to its original glory.

This, however, has not stopped a few of their agents from using it as a forward operating base in their efforts of pushing back the hold the Cartel has on the area, offering missions to loyal capsuleers willing to assist in this arduous task.

The password for this location is the 10th word of the last paragraph of the Fedo chronicle.

Since it’s proven to be a difficult to locate site, here’s a picture of it:

This location has been found!


This location has been found!

Time for another one!

This was once the largest Lai Dai bio research facilities, but was abandoned after a mishap. Today, these ruins are an outpost used by the Guristas

Some notes:

  • Travel through low-sec systems may be involved. Fly safe, or not, your call.
  • Hostile pirates might linger in the direct vicinity of the container.
  • The clue is very vague, I know. Perhaps reading some might help?

The password is the 8th word of the 8th paragraph of the Kyonoke Pit chronicle.

If the site has not been found at around downtime, I will post an image of the location.

This location has been found!

Round 6. This means that the first 5 x 500 PLEX have been given out, another 10 to go!

This time we’ll start with just the picture.

The password is on the first paragraph, the fifth word, of the 15th chronicle on the EVE Fiction Portal

has been looted already, that was fast

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This location has been found

Round 7 is a go:

This location has been found

PSA: Looted already.

Plot twist: you claim it has been looted already so nobody else attempt to grab it. :upside_down_face:

haha that would certainly be a very EVE thing to do :smile:

but no, I didn’t burn for the first 2 so I didn’t answer, the last 2 were looted soooooo quick, I was on the can 10min and 14min after the forum posts and they were gone already.

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And round 8 is a go!

Has this been found yet? It’s the first location that eludes me, well played sneaky Thalack.

Yep it was found ! Do you want to know where it was ?

Yes please, posting the list so far for anyone insterested:

Round 1 - Duvolle Gravitational Wave Observatory - Gererique
Round 2 - Yulai Graveyards - Yulai
Round 3 - The Black Monolith - Dead End
Round 4 - Thin Red Line - Traun
Round 5 - R55 Colonial Ruins - Isie
Round 6 - Choonka’s Ship-Wash - Ashab
Round 7 - Natural Phenomena - SL-YBS
Round 8 - Deserted Gallente Outpost - Bille
Round 9 - Battle of Vak’Atioth - Atioth
Round 10 - Planet II (Radonis) - Ardishapur Prime
Round 11 - Planet II (Starkman Prime) - Arzad
Round 12 - Titanomachy Visitor Center - B-R5RB

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Round 8 was in Bille - Deserted gallente outpost

And the round 4 was not in kenobanala but in Traun - Thin red line

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Thanks, I updated my previous post.

I was looking for unique locations which is why I didn’t find that one.

Today’s round (#9) will take place mostly on twitter, from my account. An explanation of what will happen will be sent out in a few minutes.

Unsurprisingly round 9 has been found already.

What’s surprising is that no kills have popped up in that system with clues being dropped 2 hours before the password during EU prime time :smiley:

And round 10 is a go!

Again, a few tweets will be sent out. Though this time won’t be as cruel as last night.