Explorer giveaway



Giveaway is cancelled because of lack of interest in it.

Explorer giveaway

Open to everyone in EVE

Prize: 1x Stratios cruiser and 1x Astero frigate

What you need to do:

  • make one screenshot in each one of these types of wormholes: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6
  • make sure you have the character sheet open in the screenshot, so I can clearly see that it is you in the screenshot and not someone else
  • do not cover the “J” name of the wormhole with your character sheet or some other window; if you win I need to be able to verify if the pics are from the class of wormhole they’re supposed to be

List the screenshots like this, so it’s easier for me:
"C1 wormhole
C2 wormhole
All images in one single post/reply, do not spread them through multiple replies.

Giveaway is open until 25 december and I’ll draw the random winner (random.org) a couple days after, as time permits.
I’ll probably record the draw on youtube or twitch to avoid comments.

The winner receives one Stratios cruiser at Jita.
Also the winner then gets to pick whoever else he wishes from the list of participants to receive an Astero frigate, but not someone from his own corporation/alliance.

Sidenote: if you’re lucky enough make one of the screenshots also next to a fight of 10+ ships (clearly visible on overview), then you get added 3 times in the giveaway. But do make sure to mention in your reply the date when the fight took place. I’ll check on zkillboard if the fights actually happened.

Here’s the spreadsheet (what would Eve be without spreadsheets) where you will be added, in order of you posting here.

sounds like intel gathering…

So how would you modify it to “not sound like intel gathering” ?

oh keep it the way it is, get all the intel. intel brings content.

Ignore him and proceed. Anyone who lives in a wormhole wouldn’t be bothered doing all this for a mere chance at a stratios anyways. Good event for new guys.

Yup, that’s what I’m aiming at. If it gets new people exploring a bit more I’m satisfied. For us old players nothing but a Marshal would probably get us off our asses, but for others not so old, a Stratios is good.
Besides we’re only talking about 6 screenshots.

I’d make a nestor or something the top prize though. It’s really nothing for vets but I think that’ll start some rookie engines.

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