Giveaway - wormhole freeports

So I decided to make a small giveaway centered around the Wormlife Freeports network, to reward the current residents and newcomers too. This consists of about 20 C1-C3 wormhole freeports with stations anyone can use freely.

If this thing picks up traction I will likely do more various giveaways in the future with other different prizes and rules.

This giveaway will be about PI (planetary interactions).

Prizes: 1x Stratios cruiser and 5x Astero frigates

How to enter:
You set up PI (and use it) in any of our freeports and you just got yourself ONE chance to win.
You need to post a clear screenshot showing you’re doing PI on at least 4 planets in our freeports.
Pick a number from 1 to 100 (that’s not been picked by someone already), this will be used in the drawing.

If you bring in more people/friends to settle the freeports and do PI of their own, you will get an additional chance to win for each friend that you bring (you get to pick an additional number).
That friend also gets one chance in the giveaway, so he needs to pick a number too.
Your friend will need to clearly state that YOU brought him, in the same post he makes to join the giveaway. Statements made at a later time will not be considered.

Winner is chosen randomly (probably A random number between 1 and 100 will be generated, if the number(s) you chose are closest to this number it means you won.
Your will receive an Astero as prize.
HOWEVER if you also have brought in other friends to join the giveaway, well in that case you get a Stratios cruiser as prize instead.
Also the first 5 friends that “registered” in the giveaway under your name will receive one Astero frigate each.

When you’re ready to participate, please post the application/screenshot in the discord channel of the freeport wormhole that you’re using. Follow this link:

Important notes:

  • in order for this contest to be valid, I’ll require that we have a minimum of 10 participants
  • anyone can participate regardless of corporation/alliance, or how long they’ve been in the freeport before this
  • if you win the giveaway, I will check the logs to see if you’ve actually been active with your PI and not just set it up in order to make the screenshot. If you’ve not been active, I will pick another winner
  • if you win, and you have brought friends in the giveaway, but those friends haven’t been active with their PI, you will not receive the Stratios, you will get the Astero, and those inactive friends will not receive Asteros of their own. At least one of your friends needs to have been active in order for you to get the Stratios.
  • if the winner was brought by someone, then the guy who brought him will get an Astero as well
  • giveaway will run for one month and the random winner will be chosen a couple days after
  • prizes will be contracted at Jita

Thanks and I’ll see you around on the freeport discord.

Hello there,
I just found your giveaway and it’s interesting to say the least. Never tried Wormholes in all my years in EVE and I have always been interested but usually, a gank awaits whenever a worhmhole appears so lost interest before. I was talking about how i wanted to do exploration and wormholes today during a fleet. So imagine my surprise when I saw this post when reading another post.

I would love to enter this giveaway if possible. Just one thing is : Where should I come to? I have no idea on where the Wormhole Freeport is anyway. Complete newbro in that regard. So any directions would be good. I can invite a few friends over on my fleet and elsewhere as well. If you come and publicize in EVE Uni as well, getting 10 or 20 ppl to try will not be too hard.

Hey mate. Just go to the discord server I linked in the post and you’ll see the entire list of available wormholes. Look through them, pick one that interests you the most in terms of effects/PI/class/static and then just ask for an entrance to it. Someone will get it for you.
Also ANY other questions you have, feel free to ask over there, I or other people over there will be glad to help if we can.

Good evenign Vafa,
Thank you for the quick reply. Saw it as soon as I got home. I will join the discord server asap! Thank you and talk to you soon.

Warm Regards,

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