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“Post-the-entrance Giveaway”

  • ends 15 January

We have a new giveaway with a small reward for our residents who help us keep the entrances updated to the public wormholes in the Wormlife Freeport network.
This is open to all, old freeport residents/users or newcomers alike.

Prize: Stratios / Astero

Method of picking random winner: each participant gets added to the spreadsheet and numbered in order of which they start posting entrances, then I use to pick a number thus winner

What you need to do:

  • scan and post the highsec/lowsec static entrances (in the appropriate channel) to any of our freeports at least 5 separate times until the end of the giveaway and you’re eligible for an Astero as prize
  • scan and post the entrances at least 15 times and you’re eligible for a Stratios as prize


  • you can scan and post in multiple freeports if you wish, not just the one you reside in
  • please also post the signature ID for the entrance, both on wormhole side and the highsec/lowsec side
  • if someone else already posted the entrance for a particular freeport, then if you also post in the same day your post will not be taken into consideration, if the entrance is the same
  • I will keep track of your posts numbers in the giveaway spreadsheet and try** to update it daily; please check it and do let me know if I somehow miss any of your posts
  • there is no minimum number of participants for the giveaway to be valid

Spreadsheet of the giveaway:

Thank you for the help so far and good luck !
See you on discord.

This is going well so far.
Thanks guys for the assistance with keeping the entrances updated. Cheers

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