Wormlife Freeports

Interested in wormhole life, but not ready for or lack the means to set up your own structure? Wormlife Freeports maintains a number of freeport structures in Low Class wormhole space (C1-C3) as a service to help bring more people into wormholes.

Our Discord is: Wormlife Freeports

Once in the WPORT Discord, please review the freeport-rules channel, as well as the specific channel for any of the systems we maintain a freeport in.

  1. We deliberately maintain our freeports very lean and expendable, and strongly encourage residents to only keep in storage what they immediately need to minimize the temptation for others to attack our freeports.
  2. We are not the police - while we will blacklist individuals and organizations who attack our corporate assets or repeatedly base out of our stations while harassing residents, we offer no promises of security.
  3. We maintain our taxes and fees only as high as necessary to maintain our stations; our POCO tax rates are currently at 4.5%.

Wormlife Freeports have been operating for over five years and have built up a consistent community of support both from new players and many other existing wormlife corporations who have a vested interest in more players moving into and operating out of wormhole space. We are first and foremost a service organization and operate by a strict policy of neutrality in EVE political affairs.

Fly the frontier!


This is a great service thank you for providing it


A great idea, are you interested to get a C4 wormhole for this project?
i recently killed the previous guys there, that reinforced everyones structures in wormhole.
I have there an astrahus, that i could transfer for free to your project.


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We’ve had C4 freeports in the past, but unfortunately getting them refueled was problematic, and their usage was pretty low, which makes sense - most of the people using the freeport networks are individuals or smaller corps that are fairly new to wormhole space, and C4s butt up against established wormhole power interests, which for obvious reasons is also something we’re not interested in aggravating.

Definitely appreciate the ping, though. We do occasionally purchase C1-C3 holes with HS statics where the existing POCOs and any station in system can be transferred, though, so if anything like that comes up definitely let us know (best on our Discord server, though.)

This is an interesting idea, would save me time from setting my own structure when I can just use yours. There is an empty C3 WH I am in right now, would you be interested in? Hit me up in-game message if you are.

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