Voluntary one-time transfer of Outpost/Conquerable Station monuments

Hey folks. Now that the final owners of the outposts and conquerable stations are set in stone we are implementing the addition of alliance logos and customized descriptions for the 95 station monuments that were added across nullsec.

We have been approached by two alliances with a special request related to these monuments. These alliances wished to have the monument for one of the conquerable stations belonging to one of them reflect the logo of the other alliance instead as a special gesture in honour of a member of the community who has passed away. We have decided to accept this request and we would now like to open the same offer to others in the interest of fairness.

If you are the executor of an alliance that owned one of the conquerable stations or special outposts that received monuments yesterday and you wish to voluntarily request that the monument reflect a different alliance’s logo for some specific special purpose please coordinate with the CEO of the corporation that last owned the station, as well as the executor of the “destination” alliance and have all three of you send evemails to the character “CCP Fozzie” with the details of the request. We’ll accept requests until downtime on Wednesday June 20th.

In order to take this action we will need:

  1. The details of which station monument you wish to swap logos on, and what alliance’s logo you wish to display

  2. Confirmation of the request from three characters:

  • the CEO of the corporation that last owned the station
  • the executor corp CEO of the alliance that last owned the station
  • the executor corp CEO of the alliance whose logo you wish to display on the monument
  1. A detailed explanation of the special circumstances that motivate the request

The last chance to send in one of these requests will be TQ downtime (11:00) on Wednesday June 20th 2018.

Thanks everyone!


This is really nice of you guys to offer, thanks CCP <3


WTB Station monument any is fine. Please eve mail in game with your price and location will answer by 9pm gmt and transfer funds. EDIT still looking for sellers, good price will be paid.

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Would it be possible to allow this for defunct alliances that are no longer around, if it’s requested by the new owners and very clear that the community and original owners would be behind it? For example, if the new owners of the outpost in KDF-GY wanted to honour the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate. There are surviving members of the core management team (mysefl included) from back when the ISS made history with Marginis, but the alliance itself is defunct and their logo can only be found on old documents in the web archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20070126233043/http://eve-iss.com:80/ISSO/index.asp

It’s amazing that Marginis is being honoured by getting its name used for the Gallente outpost, just wondering if the new owners wanted to make that additional tribute if it would be possible for CCP to accomodate it?


I feel really bad for some of the older alliances who fought so hard to build the original Outposts. I used to be a member of ASCN and fought Bob. It would be sad for these alliances not to have monuments in recognition of the work they put in for their stations.


I simply dont understand why you honor those that hold the stations and not those that build them…


I completely agree! Honestly CCP, there’s plenty of space at the bottom under the egg to have something for the alliance who built it. I will guess it’s likely because logos have changed in the many years and they don’t have logos for all the old groups no longer around. But they could easily replace the logo with some text of the corp/alliance who built it. These monuments are an homage to the past, that what we do in Eve will live on in some way. IMO every null station should have gotten a small monument of some kind.


Nornheim, if I remember right the names of these special Citadels have names honoring the first EVE players and groups to build these stations.

Because nobody build the 68 Conquerable Stations that are getting monuments? CCP seeded those in nullsec.

Then you can name the first group that conquered them. The names of the 5 faction structures themselves are only an homage to 4 different groups because one group was honoured twice in the minmatar and caldari fort names. But this is not very inclusive to the rest of the community nor their history.

Hello again everyone. We’ve now reached the deadline and in total we have approved two complete requests for monument transfers.

  • Solyaris Chtonium and the GOTG coalition have requested that the conquerable station monument in VFK-IV display the Goonswarm Federation logo
  • Test Alliance Please Ignore has requested that the outpost monument in X-R3NM display the Curatores Veritatis Alliance logo

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