[PROPOSAL] Alliance Decorations/Hangars/Bookmarks

My proposal is a simple one. Expand the decorations system so that the Executor of an Alliance can award a member who has done something excellent a decoration from the Alliance.

Futhermore, I think that all decorations awarded should be placed in a display case, and placed on the wall of the CQ of the pilot if they have their decorations set to public.

More importantly, can we get a way of setting up a hangar that an entire alliance has access to so that we can utilize an alliance SPP or SRP more effectively? Can’t think of how many times this would come in handy.

Also, it would be absolutely amazing if we could have alliance bookmarks. This would definitely be a quality of life improvement, especially for those who live in wormholes.

That would make things too easy for corporate theft. I would be afraid for a whole large scale alliance trying to equip everyone and some guy just move all that into his hanger and poof it’s gone.

Well, just like any other hangar, would have to have specific roles to access it.

Yea this would be something you think would been already sorted out and being able to put up more alliance contracts

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