Give alliances actual alliance tools

I am a relatively new player and from what I hear this has come up before (I could not find a forum posting though). For a game that is so incredibly aimed at corporations and creating alliances of corporations, I am baffled by the lack of actual alliance mechanics. There really is 0 support for alliances outside of the option to make one…I find that astonishing seeing how long EVE has been around.

Some simple notions that would greatly improve the notion for players that they are actually part of an alliance, not just a group of corps where the leaders talk, some times:

  • Alliance Hangar, must be installed by one of the corps within the alliance and given access too much like the access lists for structures; creator of the hangar can add other people to admin roles. Usage is endless…personally I would love an alliance hangar to be able to make doctrine ships and have them available to the entire alliance without having to create 1000s of contracts (which is not feasible in the first place)…I now see often enough that even though there is a doctrine, corp A has slightly different fits thatn corp B since each makes their own.

  • “Save for Alliance” for Ship fits, to make alliance doctrine fits available to all, you can do it for your corporation, but not your alliance…that makes no sense to me.

  • “Alliance locations” for saving bookmarks shared with the entire alliance. You can do it for your corporation, but not your alliance.

  • Alliance bulletins…ok you can use an alliance-wide EVEmail to send a communication to everyone in the alliance but bulletins would be more useful for new members to read back through. Now often enough external programs are used for alliance wide messaging.

Just some thoughts, although an alliance hangar would be such a big improvement imho.

This would be a major rework as alliances aren’t really a thing in the eve-codebase. They are a flag on the corporation-info who belongs to what alliance. CCP would have to create all of the backend for them to make these work.

While it would be nice to have, it might take a while before it happens.

Oh I would agree it would need a significant change to the code, but all the core principles already exist. For the hangar, the alliance flag would just need to be added to a (new) hangar and authorization tools need to be adapted to work with them. Seeing how data heavy EVE is, it is of course not so simple but as I said…EVE heavily promotes the creation of alliances pretty much from the inception of the game, it is hard to believe this has never gotten any attention.

Unless of course I am the only one that really misses these would-be features :smiley:

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