Alliance Fittings Tab

Would it not be too difficult to add an Alliance tab in the fittings window ?

having to search alliance forum or chat channels for fits is a pain.

Due to alliances not really being an actual thing (like corporations are) in-game, it would require quite a bit of recoding.

After looking your character up in game, i am a little confussed as how you got alliances not really being an actual thing (like corporations are)???
Have you even been a member of any of the big alliances/coalitions?

if you have then you would understand my suggestion for this, especialy for the Imperium coalition managing 40,000 members and trying to share fits on a very active forum.

Why would it be so difficult?
When you think about it, an alliance is going to be more or less the same code as corp… When you join, you can see the fittings and when you leave you can’t see them anymore…

Plus, it would require aditional Coding very much similar to corp fittings and very little recoding to incorperate it

On the backend, alliances are only a flag on the database. They do not have similar gameplay-options build around them like corporations do

OK i can kind of see your point but if that was 100% accurate then why can Alliances create standing changes? if an alliance can create a standing change then they can add, change, update or remove ship fittings on the fittings tab, which only the Executor corp can manage

it wouldnt be complicated

How do you go from standings to a fitting? They are completely separate functions and you have no idea how they are coded

i was using the standings as an example saying that it’s not as impossible as you say it is… if an alliance can send standing data just like a corp can, then why cant an alliance send out pretty much the exact same code/directory for corp fits but as alliance fit.

Do you code for CCP? or are simply just being narrow minded, not looking at the possabilties that this could actually be possible?

You aren’t the first one to ask for this or for alliance bookmarks. The explanation given why it’s not something easily done was that there is no big backend system build around alliances. That’s why alliances don’t actually own anything. All the structures are owned by corporations, not by the alliances themselves.

I’m not saying it’s not worth dreaming about it, just saying that changes that look easy may not be that.

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