Corp/Alliance tags

(Mitch Taylor) #1

Sorry if it’s been mentioned previously, but the old forum had always included corp/alliance under someones name on their post.

Can we bring that back? Whilst its quite enjoyable to test your eve knowledge by reading a post, then guessing which affiliation the poster belongs to…

(Rivr Luzade) #2

Doesn’t look like CCP wants this anymore. IF you want to have this, you now need to rely on a third party Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey User Script:

(ISD Stall) #3

Hi there, currently there is no support for corporation and alliance information in the new forums. As CCP Avalon stated in this thread it is something they may consider.

For now if you want to add corporation and alliance information you can try using this player made script: [js] UserScript - Show Corporation / Alliance.

(Arline Kley) #4

@ISD_Stall - clearly this shows the forums are not fit for purpose if you have to third party mod everything in.

(Rhino Sheka Zinbar) #5

Maybe it works better when someone comments and doesn’t implicate their organization. I mean the views expressed in the following comment does not necessarily reflect those of the corporation or it’s supporters type disclaimer. If you got something to say, don’t feel you have added credibility because you belong to a rich power center in game. It could be intimidating for some people to disagree with the poster… It could be argued anyway. Might stop people from seeing the forum CTA’s too, lol.

(Rivr Luzade) #6

I see it from the opposite perspective: Knowing where a certain person comes from sheds a lot of light on certain ideas they throw on the forums and in many cases reveals their true intentions.

(Rivr Luzade) #7

Funny thing is that this script does not seem to work any more. I have it installed and when I click on a character, corp and alliance used to load last week. Today and since a couple of days I can leave the character preview open for minutes and nothing loads.

(Arline Kley) #8

check the script and make sure its not pointing to “

(Raven Kvetina) #9

Well, having to read someone disparage a poster because they’re a forum alt was pretty annoying on the old forums.

(Rhino Sheka Zinbar) #10

Heh, good point. Qui Bono.

(Rivr Luzade) #11

Right, that was the case, thanks. Now the 4th party end user even needs to fix the 3rd party software because the first party developer can’t get things done properly.

(ISD Stall) #12

The problem with that, is what one person considers to be fit for purpose, will be different to another person. CCP for reason X, Y or Z decided not to include corporation or alliance information on this forum. As to the reason why, you would have to ask them. What is nice about these forums is the fact that a lot of the software runs client side. This means you can customise it to your liking beyond that of what CCP can or chooses to do.

(Vincent Eneticum) #13

sorry guys i totally forgot about that, i just fixed the url in the script, feel free to switch back to my script to receive future updates :slight_smile:

(Rivr Luzade) #14

Is that script broken again? I think I updated Greasemonkey today. The script still shows as enabled but it does not load corp or alliance names.

And hell yes, I want to revive this topic. Necrophilia is the only way to dunk CCP on this issue.

(Vincent Eneticum) #15

just installed it and it does work for me :slight_smile:
@CCP_Avalon reminder :3

(Dyver Phycad) #16

Looks like the script is stalling again. Regardless of how long I wait with after clicking a character name, the corp and alliance does not load in the tooltip.