[JS] UserScript - Show Corporation / Alliance


(Vincent Eneticum) #1

This is a tampermonkey/greasemonkey script, but can be used outside of it too.

In short:

  • Adds corporation and alliance names to the popup if you click on a users portrait

Might update to include on users page but thats a little more messy and would probably affect performance.

Thanks @CCP_Avalon for updating the forums CSS to make this work more smoothly :slight_smile:


Installation Link

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Example preview:

Character Affiliations - Gone?
Missing the Display of Corp and Alliance in the Profile
Old forums
(Nana Skalski) #2


It is easy to see now that they could have added it and with rectangular avatar that would be slightly lower in the image on the right it would be even better. Avatars are already rectangular, only in round cutout.

(Vincent Eneticum) #3

its a bit complicated to get that info there and not 100% reliable nor performant (fast) if you check how many requests have to be made to achieve that (name to id, get sheet, get corp/alli, aka 4 requests in total just to get that)
i suspect though that my code could bug on some user names but i havent found one yet so fingers crossed.

(Dethmourne Silvermane) #4

Looks like it doesn’t work on Greasemonkey in Firefox, sadly.

(Vincent Eneticum) #5

if you gimme debugging code ill fix it :slight_smile:
check what the console says (F12?)

(Dethmourne Silvermane) #6

I tried but the console shows nothing :frowning:

(Vincent Eneticum) #7

i updated it, can you try again? should work now :slight_smile:

(Dethmourne Silvermane) #8

It works.

Side note, uBlock Origin apparently breaks it, as the updated version “didn’t work” but I gave disabling uBlock a go and that sorted it.

(Vincent Eneticum) #9

can you tell me which URL it blocks?
i guess it has to do with affiliation, ill update the script once more to remove the word “affiliation”

(Dethmourne Silvermane) #10

Ironically, the only thing it says it blocks is googletagmanager.com - I tried using the logger and with the logger enabled your script works :expressionless:


And now it’s working without - is there an expected lag when you open a user card? It looks like the variables might take a couple seconds to populate or something, and if they’re not populated it doesn’t show?

I’m seeing ~2-3 seconds before corp/alliance populate.

(Vincent Eneticum) #11

slowclap :smiley:
i removed the affiliation, maybe it helps :slight_smile:

(Dethmourne Silvermane) #12

…so with the affiliation removal, it’s down to 1s or less before corp/alliance show, which is plenty fast :slight_smile:

(Vincent Eneticum) #13

would love to be able to drop one call (name to id conversion) but thats sadly a thing i cant drop atm bc of how discourse works here

(Morrigan Laima) #14

@CCP_Falcon is this something that might be able to be added into another experimental theme?

(Drizzd) #15

nice idea - alas it doesnt work for me …

Waterfox 54 … (64 bit port of Mozilla Firefox) … greasemonkey fresh install … script saved … nothing changes
Forum on “Wide(experimental)”

When I analyze if via F12 -> network … I see no info of the script getting executed or whatever :frowning:

(Morrigan Laima) #16

works for me with TamperMonkey 4.3.5447 in Firefox 55.0b3 (buildid: 20170619071723).

(Drizzd) #17

I see no change … now using tampermonkey …

(Vincent Eneticum) #18

wasnt watching the forums for a few days, happy to debug the issue with you in waterfox, but in this case i cant just install windows and waterfox so maybe check the console for errors? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Firefox is 64bit now since the last release btw :wink:

(Vincent Eneticum) #19

I just added a new feature, the corporation / alliance names link to the respective EVE Gate Profiles and there is a “open external” icon next to the name (except for CCP/ISD for now where its below) to open the persons EVE Gate Profile.

(Drizzd) #20

yea … run now in FF 55 b03 nightly … and the problem is solved … script now runs

as ISD Stall told in another thread - you can take those links to Eve gate out again … eve gate is outdated and will most likely close some day