Missing the Display of Corp and Alliance in the Profile

(Ed Silver) #1

I am missing the display of Corp and Alliance with the character name and picture in the posts.

I hope that can be added. Its allways nice to see the different corps that exist

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(Catherine Solenne) #2

The info is included in the popup when you click on a portrait, but including the ticker below the portrait could be nice.

(Ed Silver) #3

Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/fm07pv

I cant really see it.
I added my corp and Alliance manual in my profile for now.

(Catherine Solenne) #4

Oooh, that’s what it was. Had me fooled =)

(Ed Silver) #5


20 characters really…

(CCP Falcon) #6

We’re encouraging you to post more :stuck_out_tongue:

(CCP Falcon) #7

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(Steve Ronuken) #8

My suspicion (a suspicion as I’m not a CCP employee) is that it won’t be added, because that’s relatively deep customization. (to have it update automatically, for example)

It’s a bit of a shame, but the profile is easy enough to update.

(CCP Avalon) #9

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(Ed Silver) #10

yeah a profile is easy to update but also easy to fake.

you know how we eve players like our drama.:wink:

(CCP Avalon) #11

It’s definitely something to consider. :slight_smile:

Edit: Just to clarify, we haven’t committed to this, but definitely something we will consider if we have the ability to do this right. :slight_smile:

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(Momiji Sakora) #12

I was about to make the same post, please allow a bit more connection to our EVE persona - our corporation/alliance tags. Or even just more info in our profile!

(Bill Lane) #13

Have we done away with signatures as well? I may have missed it, serious question. I would prefer the corp/alliance under the character name/pic, but even in a signature would be acceptable to me!

(CCP Avalon) #14

Yes. We have the bio instead (click someone’s name or picture to read)

(Bill Lane) #15

Well biscuits, I totally missed it lol. Thanks! Someone bring me more coffee!!!

(Bill Lane) #16

I guess I was looking more for the signature without clicking on a pic now that I thought about it. Another way to do corp/alliance without having to click on every single person, which seems like a bit of a pain in the butt. It was always nice on the old forums to see the variety of people we were talking to just by glancing at the name/corp/alliance/signature. Think it actually built kind of an identity for some groups.

Definitely some things I would want included for these new forums!

(Maximus Tyrannius) #17

It should show the corp/alliance at the very least… Also why can’t i down vote people… literally the most important feature of a forum…

(Sylvia Kildare) #18

Can the bio that pops up when we click on someone’s face or name please show corp/alliance like the old forums used to show 24/7 under each avatar?

(Drizzd) #19

if we dont get our corp names back … I demand that all CSM / ISD / CCP / DEV / GM here lose their specific title … !

(Vincent Eneticum) #20

@Ed_Silver @Sylvia_Kildare @Momiji_Sakora @Bill_Lane
shamelessly advertising my userscript which adds the functionality you want for now :slight_smile: