Dev blog: Improvements to Standings UI, Scanning and the Beta map

For the next release on August 15 we have exciting UI improvements coming up. Here are some of the features Team Psycho Sisters is working on:

  • Brand new UI for NPC standings (e.g. you see benefits and drawbacks from NPC good/bad standings)
  • Improved scanning and bookmark naming (e.g. persisting Cosmic Signature scan results)
  • Several changes to the Beta map

Check out the dev blog with all the exciting details!


Currently on SISI there does not appear to be a way to display or see your standings without the effect of skills?

Neither is the effect of skills shown anywhere. The hover over tooltip simply repeats the number back to you.

Btw if I am -10 to Amarr I’d like to SEE that somewhere, badge of honour etc etc etc


Hello CCP, I gotta admit at first I thought ‘Oh no, not more rework of the UI’.

However after viewing the Dev Blog, I must say I actually like the changes to both the Standings info and the Scanning info.

Seems the Standings info only shows Standings after being modified by Social skills. Would be nice to also view the Base Standings as well.

I can’t say much about the Beta Map changes since I only briefly looked at the Beta Map back when it was first implemented and haven’t used it since.


As stated before, definitely need a way to see standings without the effects of social skills.

Also, would it be possible to have the signature ID added automatically to the name of the bookmark in a situation like this?: a player scans down a wormhole and warps to it, then bookmarks it from the hole itself to get a warp to zero bookmark.

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When you gain or lose standings with a Faction, Corporation or Agent you will receive a notification to inform you of the change.

So every time I finish a mission I get a notification now? Every time I kill an NPC in an anom I get a notification? In addition to the notification spam of The Agency and other spam?


I still don’t like the ‘beta’ map.


Absolutely LOVE the changes to the NPC Standings UI it makes things so much clearer and easier to explain to newer players.
Also love the changes to Scanning and bookmark naming this is going to make mine and alot of friends lives so much easier :slight_smile:

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The new map is too complicated needs to be less graphical and more simple


Regarding the new scanning changes, can signature progress persist after logging out and logging back in?

It would also be amazing if corp members could see eachother’s scanning progress in-game in real time.


I really like the the new NPC Standings UI, especially this

“Instead of having double entries for each entity, we will now have a single line conveying the same information.”

Still have my problems with the beta-map. It is so crammed with too much stuff and often I don’t see the informations I need because something else is in the way.
So I use the “old” map which is perfect for things like planning a route through low and null.

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Did you fix the MASSIVE standing hit for killing flashy red pods that belong to NPC corps yet?

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Nice changes to NPC Standings UI! :heart_eyes:

Now if only we could have an attention from game designers, so they could’ve fix long overdue issues with NPC standings while iron is hot. You know, stuff like broken derrived modifications (when you lose more % to friendly faction than to main “offended” faction), outdated standing grind mechanics, Dagon rookie griefing for faction standing (fleet standing distribution exploit\loophole) etc etc


While you are working on the beta map, please add the possibility to unselect the currently selected system.

For some time, the beta map always shows a route to the most recently selected system, in addition to the current route, and it centers on the currently selected system when you open the map. This is very annoying if you are in a completely different part of space.

Also make it possible to collapse the currently selected system and show it as just a system, not “exploded” into its orbital bodies, which makes it very difficult to see jumps to nearby systems.

The menu on top of the beta map is very hard to access when playing with two monitors, as it is split across both monitors. To solve this, show the menu bar in the middle of a monitor, not in the middle of the window.


Can you elaborate? Afaik there is no split of faction standing changes in fleets.

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I’ve seen multiple reports (old and recent) that this works in Epic-arcs exclusively. With the reports that veterans exploit unaware newbies for easy\free faction gains.

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Thank you for working on improving this UI. Much needed for a while now :slight_smile:

Also, when opening the BETA map I would like to see an update for how it “pans” to the location instead of just opening the map and have it centered around your current system. Not sure if anyone else gets a little lag like me when it pans.

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Little change of emphasis there. This is just a shiny cover on the same old mechanics. Just like the change to the corporate management UI.

I have the feeling that the current coders at CCP are terrified by some of the really old features / mechanics and they simply dare not touch them.

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Thanks for the sig title and the persistent sigs, much appreciated.

Any chance we can also change the default scanning pattern from the (almost) useless spread to one of the user’s choosing?

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There’s an option to save and use your own ‘custom’ probe formations in the scanner UI (Located to the right of ‘Spread’ and ‘Pinpoint’ formation buttons). After launching probes, create your custom formation and select save in the custom formation button.

Controls for probes.

Drag probe cube to move the whole probe formation.
Hold shift to move individual probes.
Hold control to adjust probe distance from center point.
Use slider in the probe scanner window to resize scan radius.

This is how I have my custom probe formation set up :

One probe is set as a center point on the signature with 6 probes aligned to that center probe, 4 probes are set horizontally at North, South, East and West of the center probe with 2 probes set vertically above and below the center probe.

Here’s some other custom formations :

8 probe horizontal plane formation.

8 probe cube formation.

Sorry, let me clarify:
When you open up the scanner and launch probes, you get the spread pattern and you have to then select the pattern you want from your saved configurations. That’s the step I’m asking to avoid.
Have a setting that asks which pattern should be created at launch and always use that one.

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