Dev blog: Improvements to Standings UI, Scanning and the Beta map


(DeMichael Crimson) #21

Ahh, I got it, basically have an option added to the Scanner UI to designate a saved Custom Probe Formation as the default probe formation.

I would definitely like that.


(marly cortez) #22

The main issue I have with the BETA map in it’s current form is a simple one, How can a 3D rep of the Eve universe be made to work for players of what is essentially a 2D environment game, it just seems like change for change sake tbh.

Similar with the UI, constant tinkering with a fundamental game item for no good reason leaving players with sight issues a tool that is difficult to use, lacks clarity and that once was suitable for purpose but currently causes players to miss important details due to the obscure way items are depicted.

(Vulvona Ride-in) #23

i would suggest using a map like Dotlan… much more usable info and you can clearly see wich system is connected to wich other one!

(Ima Wreckyou) #24

Finally, you implemented signature persistence, something the community asked for since you introduced the new scanner stuff with apocrypha (8 years ago?)

While the change is amazing and goes in the right direction, I doubt it is enough to actually be useful. I really hope you further iterate on this to make it persistent over client restarts and downtime.

I mean it is kinda silly to have to write it down or use third-party tools for this. If in any other application someone would tell you they could not persist some aspect important to the user and you would have to write it down on paper, what would YOU think about that software and it’s developers?

(Jian Mira) #25

like i said it needs to be simple, the new map is just too complicated… There is no need for it too be in 3D, needs to be less graphical

(Adams Alduin) #26

I often explore and look on the map for least visited places. On the old map I can see clearly where average jumps in the last hour exceed my competition limits. On the new one I still cannot see well which systems are very busy and which are not until I hover over them. I stay with the old map until it changes…

Great idea with signatures scans persistence and ID it will help a lot. Thanks

(Jian Mira) #27

the map is just too complicated too use, it needs to be more simple and less graphical…

look at dotlan, an updated version of that would be so much better!!

I would rather see something like your Strategic Maps

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #28

Some corporations and agents that I have +10 standing with on TQ are not +10 on the new UI on sisi. It’s not because of the last test server copy as I have had +10 with Federation Navy for almost two years now.

The new UI is a bit better, but now the standing bar looks like a progress bar and highlights the fact that there is nothing for reaching +10 with a particular Faction/Corp/Agent.

What is the point of this? Will you finally be introducing some useful benefit for attaining +10 with a corp? Like reduction in LP or tag cost, free repairs, more isk/LP from missions etc. It’s a fair bit of repetitive effort to get +10, yet the rewards for doing so are negligible.

I cant access the beta map on sisi, I have selected the try new map option in the general settings but it still fails to show on the neocom menu or side bar…

…but, as this relates to the old v new map anyway, I personally always preferred the more gentle blue coloured pulse animation that tracks along your route on the old map. The new map has a violent and hectic staggered green line. Much less attractive.

It might be considered useful to be able to see how many jumps it is to a particular system from your current location, without having to set it as a waypoint or destination, in the tooltip that needs adding to the new map.

Oh and use the old map music on the new map please. Again, it’s just nicer.

(Nosum Hseebnrido) #29

Regarding standing UI - I understand that this is a tool to mainly ‘show’ player what is his current standing status. How he/she can improve it with skills, or make it worst by making wrong storyline missions. It also show acces each level of standings gives. But without implementing new stuff in to the game - purely based on what we have today on TQ.

Yet, if it would be possible I(same as everyone else) would love to see LPStore icon under character sheet ‘standings’ window, so entire standing thing beside ‘acces’ also shows ‘benefits’ in the same place.


  1. ‘Social skills’ Description says "train Diplomacy to improve your standings with Khanid Kingdom " even if I have Diplomacy on lvl 5.
    a) I have standings with KK on -0.08, and 3.69 to 10.0 with all corporations of that faction - this is confusing that if I click on Khanid Kingdom it shows me that I can not do lvl 2 missions for that faction. If I may suggest there should be some orage bar on that faction standing proving that I have low faction standing but I can make higher level missions for corporation of that faction.
    b) Is there any faction that allow you to do mission(any mission) only if you have required level of faction standind - If ‘no’ what is the poit of keeping ‘acces to all standard level X Faction mission’?
  2. Searching option in Standing UI need to be more intuitive - if I write ‘minmatar’, or ‘galante’ I would like to see all race factions and not factions/corporation names that are in common with what I write.
    a) theres need to be shortcut on faction - players need to be able to jump from faction to corporations of that faction on Standing UI window. If I may suggest, right click on faction in character sheet standing UI beside showing “show info”, “add contact”, “add corporation contact”(with makes no sens to me btw) could show list of corporations that are in that faction.
  3. General mess - on my interface it looks like I have interactions with 20 factions, 150 corporations and 1000 agents. Favorites would reduce spam. I think that if there would be option to filter information base on time it would help a lot, it is always nice to track your progres. Like how much standing you were able to make in what time etc. or when recentlly you made mission for some corp.
  4. It is impossible to open corporation show info window with Standings UI of corporation that you do not have interaction with. I have that with: The Sanctuary or Food Relief of Servant Sisters of EVE. Show ifo opens, but beside name, logo, page is blank. It would be nice to be able to see all corporation, factions no matter on interactions with them.
  5. Standing UI need to be connected or it need to ‘swallow’ Agent Finder.

So far that’ssss it.

(Sgt Ocker) #30

There is a couple of things that would greatly increase the usability of the Beta map

1… A “No Lines” option
2… Make the map able to be slid (up down and side to side) as an option rather than the current default of rotate and zoom forever to find what you’re looking for.
3… Fix “Markers”. In the system I am currently in, sitting on the undock tethered I see 8 Upwell structures in my overview that I have access to, yet only 3 of these can be found as markers in the map. The problem of missing structures is compounded by the inability to slide my current view to allow me to clearly see what’s available in the system. I have to zoom in or out, zooming in just stacks everything so not really much help, zooming out (using a 30" monitor) more than half the system just disappears off the edges and no amount of rotating reveals what’s missing.
4… Fix Zoom so that when you zoom in on a specific location (in system) it unstacks. The current zoom shows very little information and is completely missing some (the keepstar I’m tethered to being the main thing).
5… If using the “system map” to view what is actually in system is the intended use case, remove system view from the beta map. This will make the map cleaner, use a lot less resources and I imagine greatly improve performance.
6… When selecting to view a region bring up the system names so they are more visible rather than greyed out. While systems closer to my current location are clear (highlighted?) depending on rotation, the region I’m looking at is all greyed out unless I zoom right in - where most of the region disappears off the map.

(Blade Darth) #31

The BM naming QoL improvement and persistent scan results make me wet.

(King Bongo) #32

When will you add and option to stop the DING from DSCAN?

(Nosum Hseebnrido) #33

Speaking of what… persistent scan results on all, already scanned COSMOS sites would be a good move CCP…

(Luscius Uta) #34

I wish the UI would told me how many normal missions I have to do before being offered a storyline. So far I was using ingame Notepad to keep track of that.

(Edwin Zavut) #35

Adding the signature ID to the front of bookmarks when using the save location option in the Probe Scanner:

I wish it will be possible to choose short signature ID (only 3 letters), because even these names are too long and have bad view in menu.

(Mortlake) #36

I like the map now and am enjoying using it. The annoying skipping that the directional scan does is the only thing that’s triggering me.

But I’ll cope.

(Mortlake) #37

Oh and I love ALL the noises. Make them louder by default pls.

(Tresa Humpalot) #38

For the love of god, which box do I need to check to remove these constant notifications about my standings with the rat cartels? STOP SPAMMING ME, I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!

(Chingy Chonga) #39

So, I love the changes that have been made, but I have noticed a handful of things in the beta mapper and scanner that definitely need to be fixed.

The first one would be to fix the issue where signatures don’t disappear out of the signature list, even after they don’t exist anymore.

Second I have noticed weird behavior like the DScan visual not moving when your ship does, or the scan probes moving like they are the DScan visual while you are moving.

(Dan Hawking) #40

Yeah for the love of god, you need to stop these standings notifications. Im spending all afternoon scanning down sites and killing rats, and every minute or so getting a notification ping saying my standing is dropping with eg. serpentis. No sh*t sherlock! I don’t need to be told constantly.