Time to make standings matter again!

Now that we have the EDENCOM/Trigs standings mechanic, it is time to make all characters NPC corp and faction standings public.

It used to be that way, got changed for no good reason, and now it actually matters.

CCPlease, make it happen.

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I’m not really sure how making standings public will actually make them matter more. They still matter quite a bit in lots of the more PVE oriented areas of the game.

Are you suggesting that one player could check another player’s standings in-game? I cannot imagine this would be very beneficial or that there would be much of a use case so as to justify its inclusion. Player groups that care about this usually examine players standings and other attributes via ESI if they really cared to look. For example - as the Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA], I ask our prospective clients to create and provide us skillboards using EVESkillboard.com so we can check their standings (base and effective) to give them price quotes and monitor our progress toward raising their standings if they hire us. This is more practical than looking up information in-game. There is no shortage 3rd party tools (standalone, hosted, self-hosted, etc) that can do this quickly and easily. (Admittedly ESI has this annoying restriction where standings can only be refreshed at most once every hour, and even then standings changes have an approximate 15 minute cache delay, but what are the chances anyone other than us would benefit from knowing standings changes in real time???)

Yes. That is what I am suggesting. NPC standings only. It was this way for years, and there is literally no good reason to not bring it back. If I want to see if a character is for example, pro-trig, I shouldnt have to bother with an OOG solution.

I think they got rid of it when they took away the standing requirements for highsec structures, jumpclones, and the ability to interact with agents based on player corp standings (the average of the standings for all members). I guess they must have thought it would make the game more accessible for people.

All of that is fine. I still dont see any good reason why NPC standings arent available as public information.

Why should it be public? Nothing else in Eve is public.

What you got to hide bro?

I’m actually thinking back to the many reasons why the clients of our standings improvement business want to maintain their standings private, and yeah, there’s actually a lot of reason why someone might want to keep their standings private just like how they might want to keep their skill levels and implants and jump clone locations private. The nullseccers want to keep their friendliness with diamond rats secret, players don’t want others to know what regions they can and cannot access without getting harassed by faction navies, RPers have reasons that are self-explanatory, players don’t want others to know their Trig/EDENCOM “allegiance” (I’ve seen at least one fairly comprehensive thread listing players fighting for one side that should be engaged on site for “helping the enemy”)… the list goes on. So yes, there are concerns regarding privacy in general and how one player can use this information against another.

And how is that bad?

As a rule of thumb, the only intelligence you should be able to use against another player is intelligence you scout or intelligence you steal. Very little information merits being public - less is more. I’m inclined to believe that less than 1% of players are going to perceive a need for this, and the extent to which it would be beneficial were it to be made available would be near non-existent. “Oh look, Johnny Boy has high standings with Trigs, cool” - so what? We shouldn’t implement features “just because we can”. Can you enumerate worthwhile use cases for this where it would have a significantly positive impact? Can you address the unnecessary disadvantages? You cannot.

You must be that guy that liberates Starkmanir on paper while whoring Amarr Navy L4s.

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