Something curious?

I was chatting with a corporation member and we noticed something bizare.
My Sec Statu is 0 but my Corporation Standing is 3.3 yet that player told me that he doesn’t see that, all he sees is zero for both stats in the Character Info window.
His Sec Status is 0 and Corp Stand. is 2,8 but all I see is zero also.
How come other players can’t see another’s Sec Status and Corp. Standing? What’s the point in having that info in the Character window when it doesn’t display actual stats?
Am I missing something?

Looks like no one knows what’s going on with that or no one cares.

@ISD_Traindriver Can you close this thread please?
Thank you.

Those are personal standings. In game you cannot see another players information. You would have to use a 3rd party tool like to see the other corps standings and skills. Only the ceo is able to see corp standings and that i believe is for sole purpose of FW since you get an average of all members, that is your corporations standings with NPCS.

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Looks like there is no useful info in-game. Everything useful is on the web like Pyfa, character info, corporation info, module info, ship info, system info, structure info… In fact it’s no use to log in unless you’re going to undock.
Doesn’t that contribute to low log-in numbers?

Anywho, thanks for your reply @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras

Imagine if you had a spy among your ranks, would you like that info to be available to them? No.

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Right click, show info, you can see another’s sec status:


You cannot see another’s standings, only yours.


I understand.
But then why put any info? Why not leave everything blank so the spies have nothing to go by and all players have to go online for any info down to a capsuleer name and the corporation he belongs to?
Why is there some info? What’s the point?

Nah, never mind that. It is what it is. :person_shrugging:

“Corp Standing” line only makes sense if you are in an NPC corporation. For everyone else it is useless. Hence no one really caring. The standing system is a conflation of many distinct things, and I’ve bucketed them below in the hopes of making it clearer (but it’s arbitrary):

  • NPC Related Standings (some or all involved are NPC entities)
    • How an NPC feels about your capsuleer
    • How an NPC feels about another NPC (which determines derived standing gains and the mission system)
    • How an NPC corporation feels about a capsuleer member
  • Player Related Standings (no NPCs involved anywhere)
    • At personal, corporation, and alliance level.
      • Most of the time players set these to -10, -5, 0, +5, and +10 to quickly determine who is friend and foe in their overview and in local.

For NPC related standings (the first group), you can only ever see your own. You can’t see anyone else’s. Hence, the “Corporation Standing” line in my screenshot above is zero because I’m not in an NPC corporation. But when I look you up, yours is zero because no one can see yours except you despite it theoretically being there “for others to see” – there’s a lot of vestigial stuff in Eve Online.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for explaining all that, man. I appreciate it.
I’m trying to make heads or tails of everything but if there are lots of things left over from earlier times that no one has bothered to correct then I’ll be here asking questions until Kingdom Come.
I guess I’m too curious. I don’t have to try to understand so much, just the stuff that interest me.
Fly Safe o7

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