Standings Tools

Does anyone know if there are any ways for you to access any information about standings, mission rewards, character standings, standings changes… really anything in that general ballpark?

I dont care if its API, ESI, anything that still works really would be fine. There is an astounding lack of information on the meat and potato’s of actual standings changes… how the systems rounds its numbers, standings quality I have yet to find any real details on that… and dont even get me started on derived standing changes…

Basically Im hoping that there is someway to access information through developer tools so maybe I can figure out the system better. Then if I can accurately predict standings changes I plan on making either a spreadsheet or a program to help people work on their standings.

The trick ofc is getting everything figured out when as far as I can tell a lot of the standings mechanics seem to be legacy code or just as wacky as it anyway.

And maybe:!/Character/get_characters_character_id_notifications_contacts

Its a start, thanks! hopefully itll get me at least partway to what I want :slight_smile:

you also might try the data dump. you can get it in multiple formats but the default from CCP is MsSQL

Few things about this:

  1. The default format from CCP is YAML not MsSQL. Steve provides conversions to other formats here: Index of /dump
  2. Standings information would not be in the SDE as it only contains static data and wouldn’t be character specific. Probably something in there you can use but definitely not standings themselves.

The standings reward from the various storyline missions would be a static value… do you think I could find that somewhere in there?

There used to be a list in your character sheet which you could double click and it would open a list of changes. I found that by accident once. Anyhow, in the list there were shown the missions you just completed and it say something like “+7.5% standing” or similar or for another faction something like “-0.02% ship kill” or similar.

It looks different now but I haven’t had the time to look at it closely.

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