Returning player with standings question

Hey there,

Yesterday after having been away for some years, I logged into my toon in Jita. I undocked and was shot at for being enemies with Caldari State, so I redocked. I checkled my standings and they were at like -6.5 or something. I thought “that’s weird, I knew they were low but I don’t remember them being that low, maybe I was wrong.”

Anyway, I upgraded to Omega to fly a decent ship and I though I should head to Sisters of Eve to begin some standings repair. Ran 6 or 7 missions and when I looked at my standings for Caldari State, it’s now actually -4.97. I know it hasn’t changed from running the Sisters missions, and there are no standings changes listed in the window, so what has caused the standings to change?

Something has happened between being in Jita and being elsewhere within a few hours. Any ideas?

Yep, you became Omega and Omega skills got active. The skill “Social” is maximum 3 in Alpha.


Aaahhhhh of course!

Thanks so much!

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