Dev blog: Improvements to Standings UI, Scanning and the Beta map


(CCP Phantom) #41

You can disable standing notifications. ImaginationJunkie made a quick-guide how to enable/disable those notifications, please have a look here:

(Rain Kaessinde) #42

Regarding standing loss notifications, what would make this feature actually useful is the ability to suppress messages per entity. If I’m killing Blood Raiders all day long, notifications of Blood Raider standing loss provide no new information, regardless of magnitude. But I might still like to see notifications for unexpected or unusual losses, again regardless of magnitude.

(Shiloh Templeton) #43

[quote=“Tresa_Humpalot, post:20, topic:13737, full:true”]
When you open up the scanner and launch probes, you get the spread pattern and you have to then select the pattern you want from your saved configurations. That’s the step I’m asking to avoid. [/quote]

Dev reported in another thread this was a bug that has been fixed with this update.
Formation should start with what it ended on previous session. Seems to be working for the pinpoint formation that I almost always use.

(Dan Hawking) #44

Thanks very much

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #45

wouldn’t that be great…

On the topic of the new standings UI, when you click on a faction/corp/agent with +10, the new standing bar only seems to go up to 9.99.

(Rivr Luzade) #46

Can you, though? I don’t know but EVE Mon told me I got 9 new notifications over the course of 1 hour, 3 of which were Agency notifications. The others are Guristas Pirates notifications. So, you cannot turn that off. You can only hide it. And that is great.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #47

You can turn off them in game. Third party software is out of CCP control so don’t complain about something that is not related to devs work.

(Rivr Luzade) #48

EVE Mon only pulls things that happen ingame or in other words, even if you suppress the notification widget, they are still being generated.

(Nosum Hseebnrido) #49

COSMOS Corporations need some info on when player unlock options to make COSMOS missions :).

(Wai So Soon) #50

I just noticed something and I was wondering if I am reading the UI correctly. It appears that when a mission is completed for one of the 4 major factions, the standing increase is LESS than the loss to the opposing faction.

Prior to this current update, completion of a mission would increase your standings with the host faction slightly more than the loss to the opposition. This meant that you could rotate through the 4 factions and slowly increase ALL the standings.

The new interface seems to tell me that I will no longer be able to do this since the net standing gain to the friendly faction will be less than the loss to the opposition.

Is this accurate? And if so, why the F*$(%* did you do that? You’re making it impossible for a person to run missions to improve their all around standings with all 4 factions.

(Fen deMons) #51

Map, possible bug: Post-patch the map doesn’t switch between “show selection’s lines only” and show all lines" but stays with the first. The only other working option is “show region’s lines”. Which is somewhat annoying when travelling between regions. Is there a hidden switch or did my 2 clients not update properly?

(MacGregor Orlenard) #52

I know that. But don’t get why you complain about this?

(Rivr Luzade) #53

Maybe because I cannot properly turn these notifications off for good, or because CCP creates fake notifications because I don’t see them ingame and only EVE mon pulls something?

You know, putting up my perfectly legitimate remarks about a useless feature because it creates noise while pretending to give useful information. No one needs to know if the standing dropped by 0.01 from 10 to 9.99 or from -10 to -10. These notifications would be a lot more useful if they only showed up when you close in to a new mission threshold level up or down to notify people about them running the danger of not being able to run certain mission levels any more, or that they will get shot at by FacPo soon if they continue. This would be useful notification material, not this useless noise spam.

But apparently I am alone in this sentiment as virtually all developers and programmers these days follow the useless facebook and twitter approach with noise creation instead of information display. That’s what I comment about.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #54

All the time you are complain about something what is out of main game and out of control of devs.

Using widget settings in game you can hide notifications. Since CCP devs maintain EVE client, you have option to not see notifications. They are anyway sent to your account because cluster need do this to work correct.

They are not totally offline probable because server (cluster to be exact) to maintain its data or something similar. Cant tell exact why it work this way since im not EVE dev.

TL;DR If you forget about this, EVE is MMO. All data must be sync by cluster and send to all device connected (players, API etc.) in same amount and way they are sent. Software that receives and interpret that data (EVE client) can bypass some information and don’t display them on HUD.

Ps. This is only my private explanation as person who has some experience with games, computers and network but my be incorrect since I don’t have any data from CCP.

(Rivr Luzade) #55

You are entitled to accept poorly thought out and programmed software. I do not accept that.

Furthermore, you are wrong that this kind of notification need to be pushed in this way to the player. Other notifications in the widget, like contract completions, redeemable items do not generate notifications that EVE Mon pulls but they still show up in the widget and can open windows. If these standing notifications are fake proper notifications like War Decs or Item Delivery, CCP just created another layer of complexity and incomprehensibility in their code … you know, something they are really good at at maintaining.
I would be a bit more forgiving if this was a completely new approach. However, as my examples of contract delivery and redeemable item widget notifications demonstrate, the code base for such notifications and therefore the proper way of handling these is already there.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #56

For devs to maintain good time efficiency is better to simply add new line or new variable in code than rewrite whole notification system. This can be done in bugs removing part of development or when working on bigger update when devs will have more time to work on features. EVE is to complex to update whole code to new standards in few smal updates.

This my be fixed in future updates or old notifications will be rewrite to new system. This is normal part of development such big software.

(Rivr Luzade) #57

I bet 10 Million ISK on that this system with hidden proper notifications that external software can pull required more new code than using the same, existing code that is used for the Redeem Items widget notification.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #58

More characters in a text editor/IDE doesn’t mean that same effect is harder to achieve. I was working on few bigger projects and know how coding complex (and old) software work.

I think will be better if we just stop that discussion because none of us will change his opinion. Better is just wait for word from CCP.

(Iowa Banshee) #59

The sigs may be a little too persistent:
I scanned down a C3 static last night and the original sig persisted after I watched the wormhole collapse, it was still there 3 rolls later - Double clicking on the sig in scans centered it on the system map but it couldn’t be scanned

(Callidus Dux) #60

Sorry CCP but the new Standing UI is simple crap. Horrible confusing and with lack of information like percentage increase of standings (per event), EXACT time of the standing change etc.
Absolute nonsense when you already have 9.99 standing to a company, agent or faction. +0,001 Points … LOL :rofl: What is the statement of this crap?

Really the information of Base-Standings without any skills is also good hidden from you. I want to see the BASE-STANDINGS as default. The Skill related standings can be shown BESIDE the other standing like before… like here:

Furthermore your ability of sorting according standing is just a bad joke. If you have 10.0 and you sort according standing, it should also count the sorting according the name. LIKE IT WAS BEFORE YOUR CRAP UI!

Sorry again CCP. But absolute horrible AND unnecessary work from your team!
I wish you would bring back the old UI for standings; or at least integrate ALL former informations in your new UI again!