Dev blog: Improvements to Standings UI, Scanning and the Beta map


(Callidus Dux) #61

I have looked at the standings and you are right they are very confusing. But I think the calculation behind the effective changes are correct. To Give an example:

In this pic you can see that my Caldari Standing is +6,86 and the standing for Gallente is just +2.22.
When I do a mission for Caldari (+5%), the half of the standing would be the negative to Gallente (-2,5%).
Now these percentage change must be calculatet on base of the rest to +10 (for Caldari) or to the rest of -10 (for Gallente).

This means I need 3,14 Standing points to reach +10 for Caldari. (3,14 + 6,86 = +10)
or I would need -12,22 standing points to reach -10 for Gallente. (2,22 - 12,22 = -10)

• 5% of 3,14 would be 0,157 so I would get +0,157 points for a Storyline with +5% for Caldari
• 2,5% of 12,22 would be 0,3055 and I would get -0,3055 points for the same storyline to the standing for Gallente.

I hope that this view is correct and that I am understandable. I really hope that the numbers are correct. :thinking:

(Drigo Segvian) #62

I love that when you save a sig it has the sig name now! +100

Well done!

(elitatwo) #63

I like the new standings window but I never had a problem finding an agent with the agent-finder tool. I just pinned it to the neocom.

The new naming for bookmarks is a god send! This helps a lot and is the most useful addition to bookmarks in ever.

(Rivr Luzade) #64

How can I turn off this perspective zoom in the beta map? I just noticed that on zooming in and out on a star system (not to solar system level), the surrounding star systems shift positions in a weird way.
In the old map, you would just zoom in on a star system in a plain way and every surrounding star system would keep its geometrical position.
In the new beta map version, zooming in to a star system also shifts the geometrical position of surrounding stars. Stars’ apparent position move up and down and to the side as if they were displaced by the camera. This is very unnerving.

(Vertiggo Andumi) #65

I love the UI improvement, but I will concur that the historical standings shown are completely incorrect. I’m not sure where they went wrong calculating, but after doing a few tag turn-ins and recording the actual and modified standings after each mission, none of the numbers match any of the numbers shown in that fancy dot graph.

It seems the current number is correct, but take the historical graph with a bunch of salt…

(OrbLight) #66

I Just lost a ship because the freakin’ chat system wasn’t working and didn’t see Hostile in local channel!!! Can the chat not be fixed? Tired of losing ships