Tournament Tool Change: Camera Tools


(CCP Logibro) #1

Hey guys

Yesterday a new build was deployed to Thunderdome, and as part of it was an update to the camera tools.

From now on when opening the camera tools (both Fancy UI and the Spectator client), you will no longer need to select which match you wish to spectate. Just press the button to select a mode and once the match has gotten to the pre-game state (where teams warp to the field) the camera tool will automatically select the correct match.

Furthermore, once you have selected either Fancy UI or the Spectator client, it will automatically move to the next match in the series once the next match reaches the pre-game state.

A few other things improved in this update:

  • The shade of blue in the Match Status window has been changed to make it more readable
  • When starting the camera tool, the Ship HUD, notifications and the scan overlay are all hidden.
  • When starting Fancy UI, all brackets are set to hidden automatically
  • The Match Referee window is now unkillable once past the banning stage, until after teams have been teleported home. If you need to close the window pre-match, then you can reset the match and it will become killable again
  • The Spectator client window now has buttons for toggling the Tactical Overlay, and for switching to the Tactical and Orbit camera modes

(Soldarius) #2

+1 for the lighter shade of blue. Much better.