New Tournament Tool: Match Status Window


(CCP Logibro) #1

Hey guys

So as discussed at Fanfest for those that were attending, we have been looking at adding a new Match Status window for pilots that are competing in matches in the tournament. This window would display the current points score for each team, and the time remaining in the match similar to Fancy UI.

I’m please to announce that as of today, it’s now available on Thunderdome for you to try out. A few notes on how it works:

  • The window will open automatically when you are teleported to the arena system, and will close automatically upon leaving the system.
  • The window can not be closed, but if you would prefer not to see it you can minimize it. The window should always also return to the previous position when it opens.
  • The window will only start showing information once the match countdown has started. Before that, you will only get 000 | 000 and Waiting for the timer
  • The timer has three states: white for normal match time; red for TiDi (along with the TiDi factor); and brand new, yellow for the match start countdown
  • Your team’s points are always on the left, and are colored based on which team you are on.

A few other changes:

  • Fancy UI now also has the match start countdown in yellow
  • Rabisu and Cades are now correctly classed as unique ships
  • The process of teleporting teams into the arena has been considerably sped up
  • There is now a return players button if you need to return teams to the station pre-match. This only appears after players have been teleported into the area system
  • The Neocom will now always move to the right and set auto-hide enabled when Fancy UI is started
  • The Ship HUD UI is now invisible when using Fancy UI
  • You will not longer attempt to target all of the competitors ships when using Fancy UI.
  • Contacts added by the camera tool are now automatically removed when you close it.
  • Fancy UI now updates the match state faster

If you run into any issues with the tools, please do not submit a bug report. Instead, please post in this thread with details including timestamps. Please also place your feedback in this thread.

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(Colonel Kurtz) #3

When using the “Return players” option it will teleport the players into a black screen situation forcing them to re-log.

(CCP Logibro) #4

Do you have a time stamp for when this happened?

(Soldarius) #5

Feedback so far: The blue color point total is a bit dark. Could we get it a shade lighter? Cyan maybe? Otherwise, it’s super handy to see the point totals at a glance.
Will this be available on TQ for this AT, and if so, should we follow the countdown in local or on this tool? Because the countdown in the tool is about 2 to 3 seconds ahead of the local chat countdown.

(CCP Logibro) #6

Does the difference in time affect everyone on your team equally? They should really be within a second of each other. Can you get me some video of this, and include your average ping to Thunderdome? Can you also see at which one you can start moving your ships and lock targets?

I’ve been on the fence about the blue text colour before now, but I think I’ll give it another look now.

The intention is that this will be available for the AT on Tranquility. If there’s a difference between the timing for local and the window, local should be authoritative.

(Colonel Kurtz) #7

Unfortunately not, it would have been shortly before my last post but we’ve not seen it since. It may have been because I hit return players too quickly while people were in transition to the match system they would then be yanked back and end up in limbo.

I will make a note if it happens again and give you a more accurate time stamp.

(CCP Logibro) #8

Trying to return players while they were teleporting into the match system would be very prone to causing issues. I’ll look at putting a delay on that button appearing to help prevent that from happening again.

(Soldarius) #9

The difference in time seems to vary during the extent of the countdown. It can go from spot-on to a couple seconds. We are a multi-timezone team. Seems to affect all our pilots equally. So I’m not sold on ping time being the issue. But I could be mistaken.

We’ve been advising our pilots to use local as the authoritative countdown. So I haven’t noticed if we could move, etc before local CD ends vs window CD.

I’ll see about getting some video tonight, along with checking the movement and locking.