Alliance Tournament XV: Rule Revisions


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Hello Pilots

During the tournament, there may be need to make changes to the rules for various reasons. Each time a change to the rules is made, a new post will be made in this thread explaining the change, and a tweet will be made by @EVETournament. If the rule change is made during the tournament, then we will also announce the change in the captains channel.

This thread will be closed to posting, but if you have questions about a rule change please feel free to make a new thread or use an existing one regarding that specific rule change if it exists.

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We have added a line under “Place and Tactics” to the rules:

Activating Command Bursts before the match starts is allowed

Command Bursts are a new module for this year’s tournament, replacing the previous Gang Links which were freely able to be activated prior to the match starting. While the new Command Bursts do not fit the definition of either a targeted or aggressive module (which are specifically disallowed to be activated before the match starts under the rules), they do give a weapons timer. As such to clarify that you are able to activate them before the match starts, we are specifically mentioning that they are allowed.

After a number of petitions from the community and competitors regarding the due date of flagships, we have decided to push back the due date for Flagship submissions. This was previously 2017-06-13, and is now 2017-06-22. Teams are free to change their flagships if they have already submitted it up until that date, and we will take the last flagship choice submitted as authoritative.

Alliance Tournament XVI: Rule Revisions & Clarification Thread
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We have added a line under “Place and Tactics” to the rules:

Activating a Warp Disruption Field Generator without a Focused Warp Disruption Script or Focused Warp Scrambling Script loaded is NOT allowed.

It has been brought to our attention that some unintended edge cases exist around Heavy Interdiction Cruisers and their use of the Warp Disruption Field Generator without a script loaded. As the Warp Disruption Field Generator without a script loaded serves no major purpose in the tournament environment, we are banning activating it without a script loaded.

EDIT: To clarify as there been some (lots) of discussion in the community regarding this ruling.

The Warp Disruption Field Generator without a script has no functional use inside the tournament arena while working as intended, as ships already are unable to warp away. While an edge case does exist that would provide some reason to use the WDFG insider the arena without a script, this edge case is entirely unintended functionality and considered a bug. While in some similar cases these edge cases have unofficially been allowed to exist as unintended features, the edge case that exists in this case would not be treated as such. We also chose the specific conditions for the ruling to ensure that would be no ambiguity as to whether the rules was being broken by a pilot, both for the referee and for the pilot.