Alliance Tournament XV: Flagships

Hello Pilots

Below is the list of teams and their chosen flagships for Alliance Tournament XV. Teams not listed here failed to submit a flagship by the due date.

Alliance Flagship
404 Alliance Not Found Bhaalgorn
A Band Apart. Armageddon
Band of Backstabbers Vindicator
Blades of Grass Bhaalgorn
Bright Side of Death Armageddon
CAStabouts Vindicator
Dream Fleet Scorpion Navy Issue
End of Life Armageddon
Exodus. Bhaalgorn
Fidelas Constans Bhaalgorn
Fraternity. Bhaalgorn
Ghost Legion. Bhaalgorn
Goonswarm Federation Bhaalgorn
Good at this Game Scorpion
Hard Knocks Citizens Bhaalgorn
Hole Control Rattlesnake
Intrepid Crossing Bhaalgorn
L A Z E R H A W K S Bhaalgorn
Mercenary Coalition Bhaalgorn
No Handlebars. Bhaalgorn
Northern Coalition. Bhaalgorn
Of Sound Mind Bhaalgorn
Out of Sight. Bhaalgorn
Paisti Syndicate Armageddon
Pandemic Legion Bhaalgorn
Pen Is Out Bhaalgorn
Phoebe Freeport Republic Bhaalgorn
Project.Mayhem. Bhaalgorn
Red Alliance Armageddon
SAMURAI SOUL'd OUT Scorpion Navy Issue
Shadow Cartel Bhaalgorn
skill urself Bhaalgorn
Snuffed Out Bhaalgorn
Solyaris Chtonium Armageddon
Spectre Fleet Alliance Armageddon
Templis CALSF Bhaalgorn
Test Alliance Please Ignore Bhaalgorn
The Bastard Cartel Bhaalgorn
The Bastion Armageddon
The Clown Car Bhaalgorn
The Initiative. Bhaalgorn
THE R0NIN Bhaalgorn
The Tuskers Co. Bhaalgorn
The-Culture Bhaalgorn
Thermodynamics Armageddon
Villore Accords Bhaalgorn
WAFFLES. Bhaalgorn
WE FORM V0LTA Bhaalgorn
We want your ISK Bhaalgorn

No surprise here.

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Wow such a varied choice of ships lol

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can’t wait to see some shiny flag bhaal lossmails \o/

Very well made game


exciting flagship metagame :ok_hand:

wow great rules this year haha lol lmao not

Pirate Battleship proliferation in action right here folks


Hey CCP! How about banning officer webs/neuts next AT for some more variety in flagships?

The list has been updated to add in the Flagship for The Bastion who originally submitted their flagship before the due date but were missed from the final tally initially. Apologies to them for the heart attack that must have given them.

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Has nothing to do with proliferation. Has everything to do with the fact we can only chose tech 1, navy or pirate battleships. And the insane utility you get from 60km Bhaalgorn webs plus some combination of useful cap warfare, dps, and tank.

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Updated with losses from Day 1:
Snuffed Out lost their Flagship
404 Alliance Not Found lost their Flagship

Year after year this happens:

Please update with Day 2 Flagship losses. Also, any comment on the illegal mods on that Vindi? Was this their flagship?

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We’ve updated the list with the flagships lost on day two:
No Handlebars.
The Clown Car
Spectre Fleet Alliance

With regards to the Band of Backstabbers Flagship, it was indeed fitted illegally, and managed to reach the field due to referee error. In this case as the match was lost, the team eliminated from the tournament and the flagship was destroyed we will only be issuing a warning to Band of Backstabbers

Yes, but what steps were taken to make sure this doesn’t happen again? At the very least I would expect the responsible dev to have been flogged.

Flogging is frowned upon in Iceland, but the ref in question has been very sternly briefed (and we took away their icecream). We’re considering a number of changes to procedure to stop this from happening again.

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Looking forward to learning about these procedural changes. If I may suggest, perhaps a button that sets a flagship status on one ship in the referee tool, which will then change what is shown as illegal?