Alliance Tournament XIX: Flagships

Hey everyone!
Alliance Tournament XIX is a little over 2 weeks away now, which means it’s time to share with you all the team submissions for flagships this year!

Team Name Flagship
A Band Apart. Armageddon Navy Issue
Arrival. Redeemer
Boundary Experts Barghest
Brave Collective Armageddon Navy Issue
Bright Side of Death Barghest
DarkSide. Vindicator
Deepwater Hooligans Barghest
Dracarys. Vindicator
Exodus. Barghest
Fraternity. Vindicator
Goonswarm Federation Armageddon Navy Issue
HIDDEN LEAF VILLAGE NINJA AssAssIn SQUAD eSports Armageddon Navy Issue
Hole Control Vindicator
L A Z E R H A W K S Barghest
No Vacancies Barghest
Odin’s Call Barghest
Pandemic Horde Armageddon Navy Issue
Paper Numbers Armageddon Navy Issue
Platinum Sensitivity. Barghest
Plug N Play Barghest
Rote Kapelle Vindicator
Rusty Hyenas Clan Armageddon Navy Issue
Snuffed Out Armageddon Navy Issue
Templis CALSF Barghest
The Ancients Barghest
The Tuskers Co Armageddon Navy Issue
Till Doomsday Armageddon Navy Issue
WE FORM V0LTA Barghest
White Flag. Barghest
White Squall. Barghest

Once these ships are used and destroyed, there’s no bringing them back. I’ll update this list and strikethrough any flagship losses at the end of each day.

A full list of the details pertaining to flagships is here: Alliance Tournament XIX Rules and Registration | EVE Online

See you in the arena!


For those of you who are curious that is 1/2 Barghest (16), 10 Armageddon, 5 Vindicator and a single Redeemer

And yes I am looking forward to this, as always.



Props to Arrival for breaking the mold with that redeemer!

Shame there aren’t any bhalgorns, those officer web fits combined with truly oppressive neuts from a few years ago would’ve been nice to see again.

I guess we are back to flagship maximum dps meta, perhaps next AT can allow flagships to use bastion modules, with perhaps a caveat that all bastion module equipped ships must have at least one polarized weapon equipped, or no repair modules equipped, so that the maximum dps meta can get kicked up another notch.

Damn sad that the test server is unavailable for the time being. I may not be very active, but I still enjoy running numbers on the fitting simulator and sometimes even on grid.

It will definitely be an interesting tournament this year.

You could try Pyfa. It even has an unofficial dark mode now.

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Why not more kinds of ships?

Is this going to be updated with the results of the second day?

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bump. hoping for an update before matches start for the second weekend.

Only The Tuskers Co and White FIag. Flagships seem to have survived the arena.

This was a bloody tournament.

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