Alliance Tournament XVIII: Flagships

Greetings everyone!
The flagship submissions are in and have been checked/verified, the final list in alphabetical order is as follows:

Team Name Flagship
A Band Apart Vindicator
Ah Hail Nah Armageddon
Arkhos Core Golem
Arrival Vindicator
Big Yikes Nightmare
Boundary Experts Barghest
Brave Collective Barghest
Bright Side of Death Armageddon
CAStabouts Vindicator
Darkside Armageddon
Deepwater Hooligans Barghest
Electus Matari Barghest
Esports Petopia Barghest
Exodus. Armageddon
Fancypants Alliance Armageddon
Hidden Leaf Village Ninja Assassin squad esports Barghest
Lock Range Enjoyers Vindicator
Nano Fiber Tokens Barghest
No Forks Given Armageddon
Odin’s Call Barghest
Pandemic Horde Paladin
Pandemic Legion Barghest
Paper Numbers Vindicator
Platinum Sensitivity Vindicator
Polaris Mercenary Alliance Barghest
Rote Kapelle Armageddon
Rusty Hyenas Clan Nightmare
Templis CALSF Armageddon
The Tuskers Co Barghest
Triumvirate Barghest
Truth. Honor. Light. Barghest
We Form Volta Barghest

Just a reminder - once these ships are used and destroyed, there’s no bringing them back! Full list of the details pertaining to flagships is here:

I look forward to seeing some glorious kills and explosions :smiley:

See you in the arena!

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