Alliance Tournament XVI: Rule Revisions & Clarification Thread

(zluq zabaa) #4

How about the one game advantage for the team coming from the winners bracket? Does that still exists and if so, isn’t that a double advantage considering the no-reuse-rule leads to the losers bracket team needing to win their final match with 9-10 more ships banned than the wb-team would?

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #5

To clarify, there are no planned changes to this rule at this time.

(Achura Deteis) #6

What about fielding a non-flagship variation of a hull in the same series after fielding and winning with a flagship? AS in, can a team field a flagship variation of a tribal tempest, win with it and then bring a “normal” tribal tempest later on in the series?

(DrHorrible) #7

Is there any plan to extend the deadline to be in an alliance to be eligible to compete, similarly to how the deadline to register was extended?

(Intigo) #9

You still have yet to mention whether the 1 game advantage is gone or not. Surely you see how broken of an advantage the team from the Winner’s Bracket will get in the Grand Final?

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #10

This is to clarify that Heavy Warp Scramblers are allowed to be upgraded on flagships as well as Warp Scramblers.



(Kei Hazard) #11

Hi IGC Alliance Tournament,

Can we, if we wish, use a Limited Issue Battleship (for example State Raven) as Flagship?
I do not see any lines that specifically states we cannot use them as Flagship. If I missed something please correct me.

Thank you.

(Achura Deteis) #12

Is it a battleship? If yes, you can use it as a flagship

(Bombastic01) #13

We are registering the Battleship Yamato as our flagship! Comes with Yamamoto Isoroku’s Modified 460MM howitzers

great choice

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #14

We can confirm that a Limited Issue Battleship is a valid Flagship choice.



(Soldarius) #15

That’s a good choice. But I’ll take the Arcadia over the Yamato every time.

(Fastest Crab InTheSouth) #16

Will Abyssal Cap Batteries be allowed on flagships? asking for clarification since those modules are just being released

(Chamomile Tea) #17

Well because you can’t bling cap boosters or cap batteries, I’m gonna let you figure that one out on your own

(Soldier Forrester) #18

are 500mn hics going to be allowed this year?

they were banned last year, but the rules don’t mention them

(Achura Deteis) #19

Considering it has been classified as completely unintended behaviour, i personally wouldn’t take the risk of EXPLOITING in a CCP event thats also streamed live Alliance Tournament XV: Rule Revisions

(CCP Fozzie) #20

Good catch, we had missed adding the extra text from that rule change last year into the rules directly this year.

The same rule regarding 500mn hictors that was used last year continues to apply: players are not allowed to activate unscripted WDFG modules

(CCP Fozzie) #21

Hey folks. Big thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on the rules, especially the discussion around the final day rule twist.

After consideration we have made an adjustment to the final day rules variation to somewhat moderate the advantage provided to the team coming from the winners bracket.
The list of ships that teams cannot bring because they won with them previously will now reset both after each series AND before the 4th match of the grand final. This means that in the 4th match of the grand final series all ships (other than those banned with the normal 3 per team bans) will be available for use once again.

The dev blog with the rules has been updated accordingly.

(Lucas Quaan) #22

This still means that the team from the winners bracket has something of a freebie in match 3, where, even if they lost the first two, they should be able to use the extra 20 bans to force a match 4, but at least the decider should be fair-ish after that.

Not entirely what we wanted, but getting there… :wink:

(zluq zabaa) #23


If the “deathmatch” match occurs before no 4 for either team, the team from LB will face off against Team WB with only 10 win-bans, while Team WB will face a Team LB with 20 win-bans. It’s still kind of a double-disadvantage for LB.

(system) #24

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