Important information regarding match days!

This message has been mailed to all Captains, but re-posting here for visibility.

CCP have asked us to remind players of some important information. Please read the following:

  • Make sure to check the schedule & brackets to be aware of when your fights will be.
  • Please join the in-game channel ‘Alliance Tournament Captains’ and read the message of the day (Only registered Captains & will be added to the access list).
  • Please be ready one hour before your first match to be contacted by a GM. The GM will run the banning tool, ask you to select a warp-in beacon and adjust any fitting errors prior to being moved to the arena.
  • THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT: You must be docked in an NPC station to be moved to the arena. Being undocked, or being in an upwell structure will not work. You may want to consider this when pre-staging your ships.
  • To be clear, the tournament takes place on Tranquility.
  • Once in the arena please be sure to pay close attention to local chat and follow instructions accordingly.
  • Remember that the rules are pretty tough this year with three bans per team and a maximum of 1 hull type per team so you will probably want to have a few alternative options prepared, as you won’t get long (minutes) to decide your ship choices after the bans.

For more information please see the alliance tournament forum and the AT megablog.

Good luck & see you in the arena!



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