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Alliance Tournament XVI - Thunderdome Access ( 2 3 ) (50)

The Thunderdome server will be soon available again for Alliance Tournament practice. If your team wishes to gain access to Thunderdome, please have one of your team captains send a mail to the in game character ‘IGC Tou…

Alliance Tournament XVI - Flagship Submissions (9)

As in previous Tournaments, flagships submitted by teams post deadline will be listed here publicly. Please note that the deadline is the 30th of June. List to be posted here shortly after. To clarify, submit your fla…

Alliance Tournament XVI - Schedule & Brackets ( 2 ) (24)

This year the brackets are hosted on the challonge.com website. The official brackets of ATXVI are here. The bracket has been seeded by CCP based on the results of last year as calculated for previous tournaments and ne…

Alliance Tournament XVI: Rule Revisions & Clarification Thread ( 2 ) (22)

Hi, This thread is to announce any clarifications or rule changes made for Alliance Tournament ATXVI. Clarifications and rule changes will also be updated in the official rules [here.] at the soonest possibility. Than…

Alliance Tournament XVI Registration Results - Update ( 2 ) (31)

After the first round of registrations we can confirm the following teams will be returning automatically after their placement in last year’s tournament and application this year (in no particular order): Pandemic Legi…

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