5-Man Filament Challenge (5B to the Winners)

Eve-Online: Safari Roam Challenge
Small Gang Yeet Challenge! (Prize pool 5 Billion ISK to the winning team)
-Random 5 Man Teams
-Random Yeet into Null.Sec
-Special Objectives & Capture Points
-Kill your friends “for fun”
-BIG PRIZE For the winning team!

Safari Roam Challenge!? …What do? #SafariRoam
How Will Teams Be Decided?
-Teams will be split randomly. (You will be flying with new faces & voices)
-Teams will consist of 5 members.
-In the event that we cannot fill the last team you may receive an optional refund or fly in a smaller team.
-Once teams are divvied up, your team will select a team captain!
(Team captains will be responsible for producing an after action report of your teams kills to the judges)

How Will the Winning Team Be Decided?
-Zkillboard points will be the primary method of judging the winning team.
-Killing members of opposing teams will gain 3 times the points.
-Capture points & Special Objectives will reward additional points.
-In the event of a tie for first, the judging panel will determine the winning team.
-At the end of the allotted time each team captain will send their compiled list of team kills & Capture Point Loot (C.P.L.)

How Will Capture Points & Special Objectives be Communicated?
-Through the in-game [#SafariRoam Challenge] channel
-During the initial briefing of #SafariRoam comms

RULE LIST of #SafariRoam
-There is a mandatory 50 Million isk entry fee (PER PLAYER)
-You will be given 1 hour to create your comp.
-Your team can create ANY COMPOSITION that you would like.
-There will be no re-shipping if you die. Your team will simply be a man down. Breaking this rule will disqualify your team.
-You will have 3 hours to get as many kills & or special objectives completed. no kills post deadline will be counted.
-There will be no collusion permitted between teams or 3rd parties.
(If your team is discovered breaking ANY of the rules you will be immediately disqualified.)

[What is collusion?: Collusion would be working with other teams or blues/friends to kill other teams.]

Safari Roam Timeline
-We will meet in Jita @ 17:00 Eve-Time April 4th
-At 17:00 we will have all pilots who wish to participate & have paid their entry fee, entered into the team-randomifier.
-All teams will be set & everyone will be given comms details & by ~17:50 there will be a briefing.
-At 17:55 you will begin discussing comp among your teammates & before 18:55 your comps will be set.
-At 18:55 all teams will find themselves at the “start line” with their filaments ready.
-At 19:00 all teams will receive the green light & the challenge will begin.
-Your team will have from 19:00-22:00 (3 hours) to accumulate as many points as you can!
-The winning team will be determined by 23:00 (a debriefing on comms will begin at 22:45)

When you see the pings get your ass to Jita IV - IV & be ready to get wicked on some grids.

Good hunting


Discords That will receive PINGS Found on the Reddit Post!
Reddit Post


3 Days until the EVEnt!
To clarify the 50m isk fee

We wont collect this fee until we are all in Jita at the time of team creation.
That is when you will send the 50 Million to corp : North Face Force
With the reason field you will type Independent, Goonswarm, TAPI, PanFam so that we will be able to split you into the correct team generator categories so that we reduce the amount of troubles with shooting “Blues” which will be a huge issue if we have a team with multiple big bloc’s.

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Is it limited to using only one filament or can you use several?

Its not limited, but filaments will take time with the 15 minute timer & time is something you don’t have a lot of.

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