[CN/AUTZ] EVE & Baidu Tieba Summer Tournament I - Going Live Soon


The first public tournament held by Chinese player community Baidu Tieba, temporary named Summer Tournament, is going live on Aug. 21 at 12:00 UTC.

The official brackets of this tournament are here. 11 teams are fielded in this term[1]. This will be updated as the tournament progresses. You can also create an account to make predictions on the upcoming matches if you wish!

The entire tournament is held on Thunderdome and scheduled as below:

  • Weekend 1: Group Stage (21 & 22 August @ 12:15 UTC)
    • Type: Round Robin
    • Each group is consisted of 4 teams. 3 of them will get elected.
  • Weekend 2: Final Stage (28 & 29 August @ 12:15 UTC)
    • Type: Single Elimination with Bronze match
    • BO3 for Semi-final and BO5 for Final

The rules are derived from last Alliance Open with a few modifications to relax its limitations. One notable change, for example, is that players have the freedom to team up, regardless of their affiliations. The full rule document can be found here.

The Chinese live stream will take place at Bilibili Live. The English live stream will be hosted by EVE_NT at its Twitch channel.

Stay tuned.


  1. In order to kickstart properly, the participants this year are determined by private submissions and invitations. We might accept public submissions starting from the next term.

Going LIVE NOW: Twitch

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UPDATE: Group Stage has ended. Final Stage brackets are up for predictions here. Check it out!

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