Invasion Tournament Series EVE Russia - Teams, Pilots and Waiting List

(CCP Dopamine) #1


The bracket for EVE Russia is now available and you can view it directly on Challonge. The seeds have been shuffled and several byes were applied. Don’t forget that you can participate in the Prediction Bracket Challenge for a chance to win some cool small prizes!

All matches will be played on Saturday starting at 14:30 local time. Semis and Grand Finals will begin at 20:00 local time, but won’t be streamed this time around. We will work on recording them instead and sharing via appropriate channels at a later stage. All participants will shortly receive an email with additional details on expected times when their match is going to happen. Team captains are kindly asked to share this information with their mates.

Below, you can find the list of all teams and pilots who will duke it out in St. Petersburg on Saturday. Players who signed up individually have been randomly paired together and their team name is one picked from the desirable name submitted in the form.


XE.XE BOI (Neya Gundarri and Asuka’s Nightmare)

LowRandomTeam (Jace Hit and ShmaleVolonko)

CCCP (Free Nova and Gildorina)

ViolentCrabClaws (ToseterMZ and Yoshitoshi)

Bear Force One (Amari Elatrian and Yuri Nikolajew)

RussianWeebSquad (Nika NOisER and useless fat nerd)

BeyondTheUnknown (drykilllogik and gosha pavlov)

IN.SP (bastet 666 and Johnny Tengu)


Miner Forever (Fedor Fad and Fr0st Bessarabo4ka)


Alex Lenin

The ships and fittings are also available and you can find the link in the dev blog.


(Asuka's Nightmare) #2

Hi, im mate of first team XE.XE BOI.
The team was registered by nikita Schereau(, but recently his account was subjected of hacker attack, SP was dumped out and many personal and corporation assets was stolen. Now account is banned and nikita doesn’t have access to it. I sent a request to support (#891943) with the appeal to operatively solve this problem but still dont get the response. I dont want to play with unknown person to me. Nikita and I are flying together for several years, we gained high level of coherence and we dont wanna loose the chance to show ourself’s skills because of this foolish situation.
CCPlease, solve the problem with account before the tournament and prevent destruction of our team.

(Amari Elatrian) #3

There is a mistake in my name

(CCP Dopamine) #4

Sorry about that! I have corrected it now :slight_smile:

(Amari Elatrian) #5

No problems. Thanks for the tournament