Invasion Tournament Series EVE Berlin - Teams and Pilots

Greetings, Pilots,

G-Fleet even in Berlin, Germany is just a few days away which means that it is time to release the bracket , ships & fittings and the list of all the participants who are going to be duking it outfor a chance to win a paid trip to Fanfest 2020.

We have a full 16 teams bracket, so while the seeds were shuffled no byes have been applied. I would also like to remind everyone that our Prediction Bracket Challenge is on, so go ahead and submit yours now for a chance to win 100 PLEX, EVE North event SKINs and a T-shirt of your choice from the selection available at EVE Gear Store . We also have several individuals who have been placed on the waiting list.

Please review the following list of teams and pilots and report any issues in this thread. I will be sending out an email with additional information to all participating pilots shortly.

Team Name Pilot A Pilot B
No Fox Given Urs Blank Mikokoel
HGO Team 7 Jose Zampano Bap1811
Team 8 my lunch! Insidious Sainthood Mischa Gau’ss Tesla
Red Unicorn Frank Simozer Dragon Bloodcrow
Dopamine Phinix Erebus Faith Evingod
The Heron Menace Mira Chieve Pinkylein
Holy Rollers Lilianah Stavlad
Old Foxes Medria Lennelluc Bluemorphium
Lone Wolves SvenBrnn keenzi akachi
Mad Rusty Bites Amari Elatrian Kromm XIV
DNS-Rulez Marius8 Pixel Niffelheim
REHO EnvynLust ReadYY
Rimtech Krieger Melane Damien en Cedoulain
The Knight Thor Knight Jakemiester
Unexpected Duo CLOVNEA Zak Belg
Random Nubs Prospektor Schipplock Salmandi deritro

Waiting list:

  • Nik Lionheart
  • HuntingFighter Oramara
  • Kruge Ellecon

More information in the dedicated devblog.

Good luck in Berlin!

Due to Mickey Seitons not being able to participate in the games on Friday, he has been replaced by the first person from the waiting list: Prospektor Schipplock.