Invasion Tournament Series EVE North - Teams and Pilots

Hello, Pilots,

EVE North is just a few days away which means that it is time to release the bracket, ships & fittings and the list of all the participants who are going to be duking it out over the weekend for a chance to win a paid trip to Fanfest 2020.

It is the first time we have a full 32 teams bracket, so while the seeds were shuffled no byes have been applied. I would also like to remind everyone that our Prediction Bracket Challenge is on, so go ahead and submit yours now for a chance to win 100 PLEX, EVE North event SKINs and a T-shirt of your choice from the selection available at EVE Gear Store.

Please review the following list of teams and pilots and report any issues in this thread. I am flying to Canada today but will be monitoring the situation. In addition, I will be sending out an email with the schedule to all participating pilots shortly.

Team Name Pilot A Pilot B
FrostedChipmunks Thane Ansollare Argos Gelert
Veteran Noobs The Mixologist Techinju
#TeamStrappybois Liara Enith Rahne Chocolate
Templis CALSF Safoi Dale Sturtevant
Eastern Reqers Locke Beulve Canis-Vir Evad
Table Flippers Durandal Thoth Zeus Twelth
Geronimo T’ern Deitark Risalo
Amarrian Dream Damassys Kadesh Arsia Elkin
Faction Wormhole Moriar theChosen Gyrm
Ram Ranch Hisison Ayyle maokai
NoVac Pinkylein Dirk Slaughterfist Pareleru
Massive Krabs Terandria Starsong Bjorn Tyrson
Comet Chasers Sabriel TwinStar Reznik Oskold
Hsyndicate Sinistar Thiesant David Keinhenz
TryHardGlavians Kahvegi Bullzark
2+2=5 SgtRelyk Erquilenne Hussy Minedur
BobsOilChange Tridgit slimjlm tim
Brave Nubbies Alazaar Dameion Katalya Myst
Spoopy Nubbies Alablm Helugo Algazel
TRC BrOwOnies Rakan Fury Elijah Deperna
AFKHAWKS Icarus100 Marie Beldrulf
Rustbuckets Debes Sparre Sharlandra
Stay Frosty Watson Crick Rixx Javix
Ambystomas Luhen Ostus Nolan Khaprani
Short Man Squad xXNemXx Ramweezy
holy shift Jason Karinne BT Gaming
Team Activations Orunis Sobek Intergalactic Traveler
Bleak boys Artavian Smythe Junmei Hucel-Ge
Long Shot :slight_smile: Psimin Apex142
Tukoss Lives Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci Killer Otomeya
Trolls On Deck Senshi Hawk Vanta
Outta N0Where Budda Sereda Aeron Ormand

More information in the dedicated devblog.

See you in Toronto!

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