Invasion Tournament Series EVE Down Under - Teams, Pilots and Waiting List


The bracket for EVE Down Under is now available and you can view it directly on Challonge . The seeds have been shuffled and several byes were applied. Don’t forget that you can participate in the Prediction Bracket Challenge for a chance to win some PLEX and EVE Down Under SKINs!

Matches will be played over the weekend starting on Friday at 14:30 local time. Semis and Grand Finals will begin on Saturday at 14:00 local time. All participants will shortly receive an email with additional details on expected times when their match is going to happen. Team captains are kindly asked to share this information with their mates.

Below, you can find the list of all teams and pilots who will duke it out in Sydney. Players who signed up individually have been randomly paired together and their team name is one picked from the desirable name submitted in the form.

Team Name First Pilot Second Pilot
3MIN Scrub Club Varus Andedare Dan Jintao
Blue Donut Star Desu Cpt Enzo
Brave Collective Cagali Cagali Dunk Dinkle
CODE. Benji Rackner Tonto VonTont
vOv Vann Flyheight Vasil Comino
There is no cure rekopem Annoying Orange
Pesky Varmints Hugh Squigglebutt L0WK3Y
Beer and Burgers Devian Tele Tanker
Legacy 1 jurekiedi Otto Bismarck
3…2…1… Eligostez ShiftOne Umangiar
SCUM Canfar Mossyblog Barnes
NSA Green Fireboolt972 Maria Deteis
Plus 1 Futte Kampgejst Swaziguru Sharvas
Edge Dancer’s David BladeLane The Judge
From Below Xain deSleena Black Submariner
The Storm Colby Bosh’tet Yoda 2097
Einen Macks Ruffie Winter Dentrillian Outamon

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