Invasion Tournament Series EVE Vegas - Teams and Pilots

Greetings, Pilots,

EVE Vegas is just a few days away which means that it is time to release the bracket , ships & fittings and the list of all the participants who are going to be duking it out for a chance to win a paid trip to Fanfest 2020.

We have a 15 teams bracket. The seeds were shuffled and one bye was applied. I would also like to remind everyone that our Prediction Bracket Challenge is on, so go ahead and submit yours now for a chance to win 100 PLEX, EVE North event SKINs and a T-shirt of your choice from the selection available at EVE Gear Store . We also have several individuals who have been placed on the waiting list.

Please review the following list of teams and pilots and report any issues in this thread. I will be sending out an email with additional information to all participating pilots shortly.

Team Name Pilot A Pilot B
Team True Power Drake Arson Azazel Drakonis
Blue Republic Insidious Sainthood Metal Jack
Strappy bois Rahne Chocolate Liara Enith
CASkets Kirche auscent Eli Stan
Two-Eyed Cyclops Nomistrav Argos Gelert
Eh-Holes Dominous Nolen Ivellious Egnald
SERE Shockymoney Dailynn Val’Ranae
Brave Nubs Katalya Myst Algazel
Motus Mayhem Jinto Lafiel Michdellle Arnoux
Amarrian Dream 2 Arsia Elkin Damassys Kadesh
Spod or Bust Somer Adoudel DrangonTeeth Ellecon
Short Man Squad Lord Rahvin xXNemXx
EvictTest Mace Window Katriane Echerie
2 CAS Robbert Smith Corbe LaSalle
Unremarkable Zen Tsai Kitimar Marr

Waiting List:

  • Fiedan

More information in the dedicated devblog.

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