Invasion Tournament Series EVE London - Teams and Pilots

Hello there,

We are at this time again where we get to see the final tournament bracket and ships and fittings that players are going to be flying with at EVE London this Saturday. This is the last offline event we have this year and the winning team will secure the 7th spot at the Invasion Global Finals at Fanfest 2020.

This tournament is one of the most popular ones we have this year with a total of 36 teams that signed up to play. Unfortunately, EVE London is only a one-day event with 16 team bracket. As specified in the rules, the teams have been randomly selected and the remaining ones were placed on the waiting list.

The seeds within the bracket were shuffled and not a single bye was applied. I would also like to remind everyone that our Prediction Bracket Challenge is on, so go ahead and submit yours now for a chance to win 100 PLEX, EVE North event SKINs and a T-shirt of your choice from the selection available at EVE Gear Store .

Please review the following list of teams and pilots and report any issues in this thread. I will be sending out an email with additional information to all participating pilots shortly.

Team Name Pilot A Pilot B
Blue Republic Insidious Sainthood haz zard
Dead Terrorists Larf1986 Antar Lechs
n.Ano Jackaryas Jeronyx
Yeah Man Rex Reynolds Xaoxinn
Cavemen Stowesh Snorbett
Red Fed best fed Calistai Huranu Nitro Oxide
Roll squad Khiku Valius Kreal
Outfoxed Ashley Traynor Nihilaus Vause
Dopamine Phinix Erebus Faith Evingod
Teaeham Yoedric Tharewyn XOS Psymon
Team AKIMA.Try 2 JuuR Zibaoo Hema T’oolan
MBLOC Corvus Onzo Commander Gauntlett
RNG StarFleetCommander Annie Gardet
Masterplan Hyllekjeks kabalevsky
Deus vult Dave Horizon Sean Alenko
Easy-Peter Rawstyle F4bske


Team Name Pilot A Pilot B
The Krabskers Mira Chieve CraftyCroc
Blyatans tchako echerie Sedjan shix
Amarrian PIE Aldrith Shutaq Arline Kley
No Fox Given Nihilaus Vause Ashley Traynor
BoldlyWinking Winkin boldielocks
Frog Menace Saint Michaels Soul Malmar Padecain
Falcon’s Ghost teddy Gbyc Lord Torak
Orbit what? Shadow Overlord Zan Kaujin
The Unnerfables Ancientlexy Pandoralica
NavyMegaLizards Foxior Redrage88
BigTamaSlammers Distructo TriDane
#toxic 2 joder redwolf07
Bonus Wave Kappa Pride Loroseco Kross
Ushra’Khan Pol MacSliebh Ada Kilndown
Carebears Crack on Dangerous Daswe
DEQC Darkworlds Shaishi Jakemiester
Random buddies Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci CLOVNEA
Delta Force DeStroyer Sin Alarma
Team Kourmonen Jonathan Smart Inim

More information in the dedicated devblog.

Bunch of Fannys/Master Plan

Same guys whoops ?

Good catch. Going to remove them from the waiting list.

You also have our team in twice mate:

No Fox Given can be removed from the waiting list, we’re already in with Outfoxed :slight_smile:

So it means that at least 2 teams qualified were having double team entry…
So there were more chance for their random to be selected :slight_smile:

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