Invasion Tournament EVEsterdam - Teams and Pilots List

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The bracket for the Invasion Tournament at EVEsterdam has been finalized and you can browse it directly on the dedicated Challonge page. The seeds have been shuffled and several byes were applied.

The Challonge bracket is also where everyone can participate in the Prediction Bracket Challenge for a chance to win some cool SWAG :slight_smile:

The matches will start at 14:30 CET on Saturday. Semis and Grand Finals will be played on stream on Sunday starting at 15:30 CET. All participants will shortly receive an email with additional details on expected times when their match is going to happen. Team captains are kindly asked to share this information with their mates.

Below, you can find the list of all teams and pilots who will duke it out over the weekend. Players who signed up individually have been randomly paired together and their team name is one picked from the desirable name submitted in the form.


  1. ISD (ISD Thalack Dalhar and ISD BH Schogol)
  2. Obvious GoonBias (Dirk Stetille and Arenthor Doran)
  3. Hydra Wormholed (Nik Domar and Vasama)
  4. Team AKIMA (JuuR Zibaoo and Tetsuya Ogeko)
  5. Strong Succ (Sukram Aideron and Sharad Heft)
  6. Skål n Horosho! (Nykke and drykilllogik)
  7. Odin’s BootyCall (Ezio Dicostanzo and Urd Voiddaughter)
  8. lonely wolves (SvenBrnn and keenzi akachi)
  9. #toxic (Joder and larf1986)
  10. 7o (Drelnar and Eye’m me)
  11. Phynku (Khiku and Phynxor)
  12. Dopamine (Faith Evingod and Phinix Erebus)
  13. NoVac (Pinkylein and Cue Cappa)
  14. ThirstyThrashers (Nihilaus Vause and Julianus Soter)
  15. Deqc Tax haven (Bobonium Wheeler and Narka Utama)
  16. The Bastion (Mischa Gau’ss Tesla and Symbiotes)
  17. OFOC (King Creator and Doku Dakar)
  18. IllegalAvocado (Alan Artemisa and Raging walrus)
  19. C.A.T. (Malmar Padecain and Jezaja)


  1. Duo of Death (AtomicWing and JakeMiester)
  2. Vespidae (Blitz Arkaral and Zen Tsai)
  3. EXIT + 1 (Sin Alarma and Saint Michaels Soul)
  4. Scramshackle (Gitzo Gutface andSalmandi Deritro)
  5. Game of throns (Baltec1 and Wildstrawberry)
  6. Kitty Cat Co (republicov and Theodore Rosevelt)

The ships and fittings are also now made available and you can find a link in the dev blog.

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Alliance Tournament died for this…

Will have to settle for watching previous year rerun’s I guess :confused: while trying to not remember the outcomes and pretend its this year’s AT.

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