AT HYPE! And a question about that video

Yes! We are stoked about the AT!

I imagine you’ll use all the arena tech from the abyss to run this one. I can’t wait to see what you come up with in terms of Arena effects and all kinds of other stuff.

But… We have a question. The Scots in my corporation feel like that was a fake Scottish accent. Can other Scots and/or someone from the CCP media team please weigh in on whether or not that was an authentic Scottish accent!?



I thought of Groundskeeper Willie.


Ok that’s it.
I have to see this now, where do I find this video?

Autocorrect won’t let me type in Willies accent… That’s no fun.

Probably should have included the link…



Nary an animal alive can escape a grrrrrrreased Scotsman!

Thankyou for linking that!

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