CCP Spelling

Molting Season:
Another unit still on the lookout for a suitable place to settle it seems and still another one within tracking range, you have no time to loose…

“time to loose”


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Maybe its a very loose lose?

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Yeah, who the hell are the ENGLISH to tell me how to spell ENGLISH words


Tbh not having it in Icelandic is just easy mode.

Colour, through, tap, footpath, favourite and my favourite; mathS… because theres more than one of them (You know, MathematicS).

US english fascists are just annoying.

Next they will be pissed (see what I did there, because to them it doesnt mean drunk lol) that we in other countries have other languages at all!


The main reason is because we learn British English in school as kids. For us the proper way to speak English is colour, labour, armour. Double ‘ll’, travel, travelled, fuel, fuelled. ‘c’ instead of ‘s’ in defence, offence, etc… You get the idea :slight_smile:

Let’s play the numbers game.



Sorry had to :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like both versions tho.

We don’t mind you have languages we just don’t really care.

If you spot a typo in-game, you can report it to CCP using the F12 menu :slight_smile:

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