Alliance Tournament reward spree devalues the prizes

With so many ships dished out as prizes to so many teams, the prizes become worthless as an aspirational goal and turn into mere participation trophies.

If you can get your hands on one, feel free to contract it to me. I am sure I can find a use for such a worthless trophy.

Should be easier than ever now that literally everyone gets a ship. It’s like Oprah car shower, not like Maury’s unicorn father find.

CCP doesn’t value EvE Online.

AT ships shouldn’t be trophies that are traded in jita and never fitted nor undocked.

The entire point of ramping up the quantity was for the ships to get some damn use.
And that point was largely successful.

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the handful of AT killmails that show up over the couple of months after the AT rewards are dished out, even though 3/4 are going to be hangar trophies that will never once see the light of space.


You can ramp up the quantity without dishing them out to almost all the tournament participants.

Advancing through the feeder tournaments is no easy feat.

Even making it to the top32 is a significant accomplishment, and well deserved.

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There were also 140 Geris and Bestlas, the same as the count for this year. These still seem to go for something like 90 bil and 160 bil, so I wouldn’t call them worthless.

It’s not the price that makes them worthless, it’s the number of people who can have them.

I’d rather see them seeded in higher numbers and actually being used than rotting away in some collectors hangar.

Then you still don’t need to dish them out to more people. You just need more people willing to buy them for the price the holders offer. :person_shrugging: Worked well in the past.

I’m not even opposed to giving them to more finalists but 16 teams is too many. Not even Formula 1 gives teams points beyond 10th place.

Incorrect its what people are willing to pay for 1. And 2nd is it possible to ever get them again

You mean “it’s not possible to ever get them again”? Then you are wrong, because CCP announced last year that they will reuse previous AT reward ships from now on.

CCP announces a lot of idea stuff that they may do in the future, many of which they go back on later.

Though some of the oldest AT ships that have been lost to time and none or nearly none exist would be a nice addition. A few more guardian vexors or raven state issues added to the world certainly wouldn’t devalue the current batch of AT ships.

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