Alliance Tournament Ships

Ok, so for starters - I know the ships were rewards for placement in the tournaments.

BUT…For tournaments that have been completed 10+ years ago or something could we now have some ways to earn these ships?

I know they were given with the original intention of being ‘Limited Edition’ but lore wise it could be said that ‘X’ engineers have backwards engineered the ship or ‘Y’ engineers have managed to incorporate the ships specifications to build…etc.

Just an idea :slight_smile:

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Ask yourself why you want these ships. Be honest. Think about it. That is the reason why the answer is no. These are supposed to be nearly priceless ostentatious displays of conspicuous consumption and status.

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40 min old account asking about ways to inject AT ships into the market

Nah, let’s not.

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40 mins in the forum because I have not wanted to post anything before…

EDIT: Also, coming from you, an account made in June this year?
This is an alt account I play the most BTW. My first main was created 12/12/2009…

The reason is I want to fly them is to subsequently lose the ships in a spectacularly expensive display no no ■■■■ given :slight_smile:

EDIT: the plural of poo was hidden :wink:

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If you’ve ever flown an Etana you’d know…

I haven’t but it is one of many i’d like to, hence the point of this post…

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Everything has a price, but 50-150b is a little steep for a “no ■■■■ given” moment.

Just sayin’.

Oh I know, but if they weren’t as rare as they currently are they would be a hell of a lot cheaper, just saying.
Supply and demand.

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Can fit Covert Ops Cloaking Device and Covert Cynosural Field Generator.

And with 485 m³ cargo capacity it makes deploying bubbles a breeze… I “borrowed” one years ago and have wanted my own every since.

*Nerd Alert!

RIGHT!! How cool would it be to know that if you lose it you can get another.
Like I say, just one of the many ships I’d like. Vangel is another :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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What’s wrong with them being expensive? Just because you can’t afford them, doesn’t mean that they should be made cheaper. If that’s the argument, I think faction titans are too expensive, they only drop from pirate citadels, why not make the bpc’s in the LP store? Increase supply and bring the price down and all that right

You could even extend this to faction fortizars, faction corvettes and any limited edition ship/asset. What about plex? If there was a 75% chance of getting 500 plex for every npc you killed, then plex wouldn’t be so expensive

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I can’t imagine losing such a rare and expensive ship. 4k EHP means, “stay docked” to me. -150b ISK

Nothing. What’s wrong with dreaming about owning one?

Nothing at all, he can own one if he earns his 300 billion?

Whining about the price being too high and begging for more to be introduced isn’t ok though

I didn’t whine about the price. I whined about them being too rare. Them being cheaper is just a result of them being actually attainable.

You talk about chance of drops. How about a current 0% chance of drops because, well, they don’t. Which is again my point. Why not make ships that have been long forgotten now drop from the hardest challenges in the game. Not only is it another thing to earn but another thing to sell.

You done whining yet?

The problem is not about the price or the rarity. Most AT ships are extremly overpowered (on purpose). But it’s ok because they are very limited in numbers, mostly blinged out and players loved it to hunt them in the rare occasions someone undocked with one of them.

Making them obtainable for everyone via LP’s or Epic Arcs would render 95% of all the other ships obsolete.

Sure, let’s make them drop only if you pay a certain amount of plex, say 1 000 000 for the cheapest ones to enter a special site and if you complete it successfully there’s a small chance for it to drop as a reward. The supply of faction keepstars is quite low too, should CCP lower the material requirements for those too?

Epic Arcs aren’t the hardest challenges and LP is also easy to get.
How about an extension of the Triglavian thing?
With our scientists trying desperately to overcome the threat that is being forced upon us. We are trying with all our might to thwart the alien invaders with ships lost in the history of our time.
Something like that?

For every Triglavian stronghold we gain some tech that helps our scientists bridge the gap between our memory and the technologies lost? Some ■■■■ like that.

I’m no story teller but it seems within the bounds of eve lore/scientific ability.

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